Living on a Trawler Yacht Has Never Been Better

The time has come to consider living on a trawler yacht. People who discover our yachts often have had a range of boating experiences, whether they’re sailors or power cruisers, or have gotten around on fast boats or spent time traveling at displacement speeds. Kadey-Krogen offers a combination of efficiency, seakeeping, smart design, and unmatched interior accommodations that can take the fun of a long weekend adventure and turn it into a new way to live.

Be inspired by the stories of owners who set out to spend more of their lives enjoying the comfort and serenity of cruising and living aboard a Kadey-Krogen trawler yacht. With a hull designed to offer a stable, comfortable platform underway, at anchor, and on the dock, and an interior built for truly living, our trawler yachts can set the tone for your life’s next great adventure.

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As told to Beth Crabtree by Scott Miller Courtesy of Prop Talk