Island Hopping Through Paradise Is Easier Than You Think

Few things stir the soul like seeing an island rise into view on the horizon after a long passage. It’s this excitement that introduces many people to the cruising life. Specifically, it attracts them to the special way of cruising that a good trawler brings. Taking a trawler yacht from island to island around the Caribbean makes the most of many of the attributes for which Kadey-Krogen Yachts are known. The comfort of a full displacement hull design means a stable yacht, both underway and at anchor makes time aboard more enjoyable. And the space and liveability of Kadey-Krogen’s signature interior layout adds to the pleasure of anchoring out in the quiet coves and bustling harbors throughout the Caribbean. Whether you set a course for Long Island in The Bahamas, choose to venture to the Turks and Caicos or the Exumas, pay a visit to Puerto Rico, or even pull out the charts to head south to Trinidad, the best views await wherever the bow of your Kadey-Krogen points next.