Living Aboard

Looking for a Live Aboard Boat? Look No Further

Anyone who is considering the idea of living on a yacht and is serious enough to do the research will eventually discover the trawler category of yacht. The reasons for this are simple enough to understand, and it starts with the hull design. True trawler yachts are built on full displacement hulls, and so they make terrific platforms to live aboard primarily because they are spacious because the designs have excellent volume for their length, and they are also generally considered to be more stable than semidisplacement hulls.

The next reason trawlers are the best choice for onboard living is because of what their designers do with the space on board. Now remember, these displacement-hulled yachts are often used for long-range cruising, so there’s space given over to practical matters of provisioning and stowage.

Just think about how much room you take up as a person when you go away for a weekend, or for a week’s vacation. It’s a much different proposition when you are traveling for an extended period. Same goes for the way space is used on a well-designed yacht: While cruising on a summer weekend may require the crew to pack shorts, shirts, and swimsuits, those spending time aboard for longer periods may require a more extensive wardrobe including sweaters, long pants, and even layers for true comfort.