Taking on the Great Loop the Right Way

Take a look at the Great Loop map and it’s easy to see why Kadey-Krogen Yachts are widely considered to be among the choice of Great Loop boats. This is a long voyage no matter how we slice it, and the efficiency of our design puts the Great Loop within reach much more easily. Taking a trawler just makes sense, whether the crew wants to do the Great Loop on the cheap, or merely the most comfortable way to travel by sea, in a stable hull with generous onboard living space and expansive stowage.

Many cruisers take on the Great Loop in segments, and the idea of what really makes the best boat for the Great Loop doesn’t just come down to the fuel burn. If a family or cruising couple is thinking about building a boat for the Great Loop, the onboard layout should play a major role in the choices they make. After all, no one wants to be uncomfortable for all those miles, and the efficient hull can mean that cruisers can choose from a much wider selection of stopping points. Anchoring out makes the adventure of the Great Loop and being able to do it in the most liveable layout available, in a boat of any size.

Like Father, Like Son

The Great Loop Don & Scott LeWand, MARIAH