Bluewater Cruising

Kadey-Krogen’s Proven Design and Seamanship are a Key Combination

After more than four decades, we’ve learned a lot about bluewater cruising on trawler yachts.

It’s is tough to surpass the experience of completing a successful cruising adventure on a proper yacht such as the Krogen. One where the yacht’s capabilities matches its owners’ own ambitions and abilities. Although yachts are inorganic objects, the special relationship between a properly built bluewater yacht and the experienced owner feels like a living and purposeful endeavor. During a long moonless night watch, the pilothouse will appear to intentionally offer its crew safety and security. When a new landfall is near, it’s as if the yacht also feels the same excitement of a new adventure.

This romanticism of not only creating bluewater yachts, but cruising on them is one of the many special aspects that the Kadey-Krogen team relishes. These pages are meant to help communicate the intersection of where superior design and engineering meet with sound seamanship practices. To us, the yacht and owner relationship is dependent on one another. And certainly choosing your bluewater yacht is not a simple process. As complicated as some cruising yachts have become today, we hope that our singular mission of creating the best, most livable bluewater, and most comfortable bluewater yacht that is also designed to offer a timeless look and feel, will appeal to the logical and romantic cruiser. Happy cruising!


Benefits of a Proper Deck Layout
The Kadey-Krogen Pilothouse
Attention Below the Waterline
Engine Room Layout
Don’t Neglect Navigation Fundamentals
Weather Essentials Still Mater