Perfecting the Long-Distance Trawler Yacht Since 1977

Why a Kadey-Krogen Built Trawler is the Best Bluewater Yacht

At Kadey-Krogen Yachts we’ve focused on one thing for more than 45 years, and we believe we do that very well: We design and build bluewater yachts designed to take their owners on an adventure of a lifetime. And that’s it. When a builder has such a dedicated focus and does not waste time, effort and resources chasing often fleeting trends, they get exceptionally good at doing that one thing. 

Kadey-Krogen pioneered the long-distance trawler in 1977 with the introduction of the venerable 42 and every boat launched since then represents a culmination of expertise and a perpetual quest for perfection for our singular objective. We also concentrate these efforts on the owner operator market where a cruising couple or family can safely and easily operate a Krogen. This is why we focus on the 44- to 70-foot range. Could we build a 100-footer? Sure we could. However, there are exponentially more elements in the 80-foot plus range that we believe distract from the focus of building the best bluewater trawler yacht in our niche. Some builders rationalize their focus on building a wide array of models in the larger size range by stating that the lessons learned on building bigger models will trickle down the line to other models. We respectfully disagree with this premise. Each and every Krogen model from 44 to 70 feet is designed to efficiently go through the water in all conditions and keep the owners safe and comfortable whether on a passage or on the hook, regardless of the LOA. Discover here how we’ve accomplished these goals since 1977 and learn to how you too can enjoy your time on the water.

The Full Displacement Trawler Explained
Kadey-Krogen Hull Design
How-To: Maintenance