Accommodations for Real Onboard Living

When we set out to design the interior of a Kadey-Krogen, we think a lot about how the yacht will be used. Much of our thinking is guided by the fact that our owners spend a lot of time on their yachts, and often they climb aboard and stay on board for extended periods. Whether they’re cruising offshore or finding a secluded anchorage to spend some meaningful time on the hook, our owners don’t feel the need to rush to get back to civilization, because everything they need is at hand.

First off, our designers understand our market, and some of us spent a long time going up and down companionways in lumpy seas. Our interiors are designed to replicate single-level living wherever possible. We don’t believe in the “steppiness” that has grown out of yachts trying to optimize every cubic inch of interior volume (as inventive as some solutions may appear at first), but we don’t mind: It just shows how much better a properly designed yacht interior works.

If an army travels on its stomach, a long-range cruiser can enjoy extended campaigns by similar means. Don’t pine for a kitchen equipped with gourmet accoutrements: All of our yachts have galleys equipped with full-size appliances that make meal prep a joy rather than a minimalist chore. And with a little planning for provisioning and ingredients, a menu in a remote anchorage can rival the best creations on the home front. And it’s hard to beat the scenery and relaxed vibe.

We take our owners’ requests and insight very seriously in terms of interiors. How much third staterooms on yachts turn into ill-fitting stowage or just underused space. We have ideas about how to better use all space on board, and prospective owners may want to learn more about the flexibility of the design. After all, an additional office or second lounge area can really enhance the enjoyment of the yacht. 


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