Discover the Inside Passage and the Best Way to Enjoy Cruising to Alaska

Trawlers make any long voyage better because they allow a couple or family and friends to cruise in comfort for extended cruising legs. In cruising the Inside Passage, the attributes that set Kadey-Krogen Yachts apart from other trawlers really come into play. The Inside Passage means traveling between Vancouver Island and mainland British Columbia, where waters are relatively protected from the open northern Pacific. But the entire route from Puget Sound to Alaska does not benefit from quite so much shelter. Traveling to Haida Gwaii, the archipelago formerly known as the Queen Charlotte Islands, means exposing a flank to the fetch of the mighty Pacific. These islands include Graham Island, Moresby Island, Anthony Island, Burnaby Island, Lyell Island, Louise Island, Alder Island, and Kunghit Island, along with around 400 smaller islands, and are separated from the mainland by Hecate Strait. The scenery and wildlife are unlike any in the world. And on the proper yacht, one can enjoy the excitement the right way, not worrying about fuel if the opportunity to press on arises, and with the comfort and stowage to anchor out.

Our Grand Adventure

By Mark & Emily Little, Krogen 39', Grand Adventure

Alaskan Summer — Krogen 48’ AE

Reflections of cruising adventures in the northern, nature-filled Alaskan waters with several sets of friends and family on board.

Sula’s Voyage to Alaska

By Janice Walker, Krogen 39’ Sula