Why do serious mariners choose Kadey-Krogen Yachts? It starts with our hull design, which combines cruising efficiency and liveaboard comfort. Having the capability to cruise the blue water that encircles the globe is certainly appealing as one’s mind expands to encompass all those new destinations. But the understanding of why the yacht allows for safe transit of oceans doesn’t mean only far horizons need be on the itinerary. In fact, the same comfort and safety factors work just as well when cruising familiar grounds, close to home. Knowing you can cross oceans is good. Knowing you can do exactly what you wish is even better.

Ready to Cruise

Learn how the Pure Full Displacement hullform is the most efficient and comfortable way to cruise.

Built-In Confidence

Our bluewater trawler yachts are constructed to stand up to a wide range of offshore sea conditions.

Stretch Your Sea Time

Find a liveaboard boat that checks all the boxes for comfort and space with our semi-custom interiors.

Sea Stories

How far can a trawler travel? Hear about all the ways Krogen owners make the most of their time aboard.

Perfect Day: Tales in the Kadey-Krogen Tradition

From ship’s log entries to sea stories and shared adventures, every anecdote and article helps augment the legend of our line of passagemaking yachts, each well-found and fitted out, ready for the voyage. What would make your Perfect Day aboard? Read on…


Watch the detailed walk-through video of a new Krogen 58 EB on display at the 2022 Palm Beach International Boat Show.

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What Sets Our Hull Apart

 From the fine entry to the wineglass transom, Kadey-Krogen’s Pure Full Displacement hull design uses full end-to-end symmetry to provide a softer ride with less pounding, better tracking in a following sea, and a safer and more comfortable ride.

How Far Do You Want to Go?

A low displacement-to-length ratio allows us to drive the hull through the water easily, making the most of the power on board, with lighter, lower-horsepower engines further reducing weight and improving efficiency.

Built to Persevere

Having a yacht that can cross oceans means more than just efficiency. The hull and components must hold up in those conditions, and contribute to the experience. Every aspect of Kadey-Krogen trawlers is carefully considered to meet expectations.

  • When cruisers really dig into our boats, when they come and see us in person at a boat show or soon after and we take them through all the onboard systems, we discover they’ve really done their research and know what they want. They understand many of the features, the construction, the hull design, they know what sets us apart. When you speak to someone who knows your product this well, you know you’ve found someone who can see the difference. That’s just another reason why we love our jobs here.


    Tucker West
Cruising yachts built to date
Models from 44 to 70 feet
Sales Centers around the world
Years dedicated to creating long-distance, livable cruisers

Review Select Pre-Owned Cruising Yachts

  Pre-Owned Kadey-Krogen Yachts and other proven passagemakers that meet our standards.

2017 Krogen 58 EB

Cheryl Ann is a sophisticated and extensively-equipped Krogen 58 Extended Bridge (EB) built in the popular two-cabin, open office arrangement. She is for true bluewater exploration featuring a full displacement hull, a range up to 5600nm, and extra redundancy found on no other similar model. Experienced yachtsmen will admire Cheryl Ann’s build, engineering, and craftsmanship. $2,195,000. 
See the listing.

1988 Krogen 54

Ursa Major is unquestionably the finest Krogen 54 on the water. Her knowledgeable owners have inspected every component, every nook and cranny, and touched every item on board. Their attention to detail and proper boat maintenance is obvious under the closest of inspections. Ursa Major is the epitome of a world-class go anywhere trawler. She represents that rare opportunity to begin cruising immediately. $495,000. See the listing.

2022 Summit 54 Motoryacht

East By South has been cared for by Kadey-Krogen and a fastidious owner. This gorgeous boat shows As-New and comes complete with maintenance records along with training and orientation provided by Krogen staff. She is truly a reflection of her design, construction and care. $2,595,000.
See the listing.

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Why Buy Factory Direct?

At Kadey-Krogen, when we say people matter, it’s not just marketing hyperbole and lip service. It’s deeply rooted in our ethos. We are a team of passionate boaters who love making the dreams of other passionate boaters come true. We feel we may have the best jobs in the world, and our direct-to-customer model allows our team to work directly with you. The customer benefits throughout the sales and build processes as well as after delivery when the real fun begins!

  • Every customer deals directly with Kadey-Krogen dedicated sales and production professionals
  • Nobody knows a Kadey-Krogen better than the folks that build and design them
  • 44-year legacy of building high-quality cruising yachts
  • Trusted by nearly 700 customers worldwide