November 2016

Dear Krogen Enthusiast,

Our second child has been “conceived”. Now, before you put your hands over your ears and start yelling, “TMI, TMI!”, remember that in August I announced that Janet and I would be the proud owners of the first Krogen 50′ Open. Pregnancy is a metaphor we sometimes use during the construction phase of a yacht, because each month Tom Button sends construction photos to the customer showing the progress–their sonograms. For the next nine months, each issue of NAVAID will contain an update with photos of the development of our new baby. I will also document some of the decisions that Janet and I will make, from cabinetry to electronics, and equipment to layout. 

Of course, if you want to have the experience yourself, give us a call!

Fair winds, 

Larry Polster
Vice President

Topside News

The new

Our brand new website is finally live! Completely redesigned and now 100 percent mobile-friendly, we’ve created a better way to research our yachts and experience the dream. Check out our enhanced Brokerage section, our ever-expanding Owner Insights tabs, our News tabs and upcoming Events, and all the arrangements, specifications, and photos for each of our current models

A new feature that you’ll love is the Request menu that delivers our individual model brochures and 360-degree virtual tours instantly.

Head right this way, to the new  

Northwest Yachting

The new Krogen 58′ EB has received applause throughout 2016 from industry insiders and customers alike. This month, Northwest Yachting shares with its readers what makes this boat a home. Just as the article states, she’s “aimed to cruise the distance in class.”

Catch the coverage here.

Krogen 50′ Open Update

After months of building the molds for this new model, we are proud to announce that construction of hull number one has begun. As you can see in the photo, the white, U.S.-made Cook brand premium UV-resistant gelcoat, has been sprayed into the hull mold. Over the next few weeks, the crew will continue by laminating the hull, vacuum-bagging the core material that is above the water line, and eventually installing the bulkheads.

Stay tuned for NAVAID next month for the next update.


This installment of Sheworthy, submitted by Betty Robinson, is the beginning tale of her dazzling, four-week adventure in the Exumas earlier this year. Enjoy this snippet that has all the makings of a great story–twists and turns, friendships, seamanship, and cruising!

Ladies on the loose! That would be me, Jill (a good friend of mine who joins me for extended cruising to get her boating “fix”) and LiLi (my Krogen 48′ AE) on our way to the Exumas. But a little over a week later, that would change. On the way from Frazer’s Hog Key to Nassau, Galactic, one of our buddy boats, encountered a mechanical issue and once in Nassau, Mike decided the issue warranted a return to the States. Needless to say, Dyan was crushed and came aboard near tears. Jill and I just could not let her miss out on the fun, so we packed her gear, transferred her food to LiLi, got her snorkeling stuff on board, grabbed one of Mike’s credit cards (and some cash) and she became the fourth traveling musketeer.

The slips at Nassau Harbor Club started to fill as the winds continued to push 20 knots and more vessels sought the shelter of a marina. When we arrived the vessel to my port had already been docked and we were packed tight as sardines. We needed fenders between our vessels to keep from damaging one another as the wakes in the harbor sent us rolling side to side.

Staying an extra day in Nassau to get Dyan situated on board LiLi proved to be a good move. The winds finally settled so the day we left we had a comfortable ride as we bid Mike and their miniature pinscher named Hinkley adieu, and cruised off into the beautiful blue waters of the Bahamas Bank. The cut at Normans Cay would give us reasonable protection from N or NE winds, and it had great interest as another spot for excellent shelling. When we pulled in it was virtually empty so we picked our favorite spot and took our time setting the anchor.

Normans Cay was the headquarters for the Columbian drug lord, Carlos Leder. He built a compound complete with airstrip and a series of out buildings from which he conducted his business. Having been shut down some time ago, the island retains local legends about Leder and his activities. A downed DC-3 in the anchorage provides snorkeling interest to visitors, and the buildings can be toured as well. Today on Normans, work is underway to build White Tail Resort, which will welcome international flights at a new Customs and Immigration point.

Having been here before, I knew the dry land would yield a basket of sand dollars and sea biscuits. The only problem with the flats is you need to leave the dinghy far behind and hike in through soft sand. No problem as you eagerly rush forward to claim your treasures. Not so fun as you trudge back with a heavy bucket!

The weather was about to change for the worse, bringing us strong easterly winds again. It was time to move on to better protection. The Exuma Land and Sea Park would not only give us good cover, it offered a lot to do. Early the next morning we joined the cruiser net conducted by the park staff on the VHF. Mooring requests are managed each day and you must call ahead and be assigned. Being Saturday night, there would be a sunset party on the beach by the headquarters. After a long, lazy afternoon, we piled in the dinghy again, appetizer plate in hand, to join the crowd. Everyone staying at the park is welcome and food seems to attract most. 

Mike and Patti on Salt & Light as well as Dyan have never been to the park. Jill did the honors and led them to the headquarters and along the hiking trails. There is the trek up to the top which affords magnificent views of both the Banks and the Exuma Sound. And the ritual followed by most cruisers is to leave a sign on BooBoo Hill with their vessel’s name and date of visit. Our first visit to the park, we left a sign for LiLi and on subsequent visits we managed to dig it out of the pile and update it. This time around we were not so lucky. It could not be found, but Mike, Patti and Dyan left their marks.

What an experience!

Respectfully Submitted,
Betty Robinson

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“The 58′ EB has ‘home away from home’ written all over her.”
-Norris Comer, Northwest Yachting, on the Krogen 58′ EB

Under Contract

Since the last issue of NAVAID, the following Kadey-Krogen listings have changed hands. Make sure the Krogen of your dreams doesn’t slip away.

2005 Krogen 48′ Widebody INFINITY
1987 Present 40′ SWEET SURRENDER
1999 Krogen 39′ BODACIOUS
1987 Krogen 42′ NOT FOR HIRE

2011 Krogen 48′ AE SERENITY
2014 Beneteau Swift Trawler 52′ STARLIGHT
2010 Krogen 44′ Widebody MARIA ELENA
1994 Krogen 42′ DUN NA MAR
1996 Krogen 48′ North Sea Widebody FREEBIRD


New Listings

We’re actively seeking brokerage listings, and not just Kadey-Krogens. List with us!


2001 Krogen 48′ North Sea Walkaround GOTTA SMILE
NOW $599,000
1999 Krogen 48′ Whaleback LULABELLE, $595,000
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Video of the Month

Pauline Masuhr knows her way around a Krogen. This two-time owner of a Kadey-Krogen explains why the Krogen 48′ AE is the perfect boat for her and her husband.

Click here to watch the video.


Owner Insights

When we started our cruising adventure back in 2013, we really didn’t know how long we would be doing it for, five years, 10 years, we had no plan and still don’t. We still love the ‘Islands’ and now feel as though we live here. We no longer view Florida, where we lived for nearly 40 years, as our home. It is strange how our mental approach to things changes with time. 

Follow Richard and Lavinia Maggs’ blog, that documents their adventures aboard their Krogen 42′, here.   

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