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November 2015

Dear Krogen Enthusiast,

It was a very interesting fall boat show season to say the least. Five shows, more than a dozen boats, and all while Jennifer Burkett, our Director of Marketing & Public Relations, was out on maternity leave. Thankfully, due to her extraordinary planning and organizational skills, and the help of an energetic young intern, we have a successful show season behind us. More thankfully (if there is such a phrase), Jennifer is back at work and has penned this latest issue of NAVAID, complete with a new section “See What You Missed”. Welcome back, Jennifer!

Fair winds, 

Larry Polster
Vice President

Topside News

Krogen 58′ EB Production Update
The first Krogen 58’ EB (Extended Bridge) is under construction and nearing her year-end completion. The new extended flybridge, available in multiple configurations, has more seating than ever before, plus the possibility of a hardtop over a summer kitchen that includes a propane BBQ grill, refrigerator, wet bar, and more storage. She’s looking great!

Read an update from the yard and see her latest photos in our Latest News section online, here.

Inside Look at the Krogen 70′ 
Like the Krogen 58′ EB, the Krogen 70′ project was driven by customer interest in an even more spacious raised pilothouse design with increased hospitality. The 70′ incorporates all the best features of the sea-kindly 58′ and has produced an owner-operated vessel with a modern world-traveler aesthetic, more design flexibility, and home-like accommodations for the cruising lifestyle.

We have gorgeous, brand new interior renderings to walk you through. Designs by A La Mer, Inc., a premier interior yacht designer.

Let’s connect.

Save the Date: The Yacht & Brokerage Show
Winter 2016 boat show season is near and we’re chomping at the bit to exhibit at The Yacht & Brokerage Show in Miami Beach on Collins Avenue, February 11 – 15, 2016. Save the date for this exceptional event and you won’t miss our Krogen 58′ EB in-water debut, our newest Krogen 52′, a special display for our 600th yacht built (a Krogen 44′ AE), and an incredible Kadey-Krogen Yachts new model reveal. 

We look forward to seeing you on the docks again soon.

List with us. Here’s why. 
Let us count down the reasons why listing your quality boat with Kadey-Krogen Yachts is the best decision. Click here for a clever Top Ten List crafted by your Krogen crew.



We applaud all our Krogen women at the wheel and Ginger Marshall is among them. This month’s Sheworthy installment is a call-out to ladies everywhere to learn their systems and try docking their yacht!

I’m a girl and I dock our Kadey-Krogen 52’.  There, I’ve said it.

This simple act of seamanship evokes so many emotions. For the men on the dock, it ranges from disbelief to disgust. OK, to be fair, many men give me thumbs -up and say, “Nice job.” From the women, I typically get cheers, applause or, “you rock”! Unfortunately though, far too often the next thing out of their mouths is, “I could never do that.” To that, I always say, “Yes you can, and yes, you should.”

My transition from crew to captain was a humble one. My husband, Gary, and I, previously owned a sailboat that I could undock and sail, but I just couldn’t master docking. The straw that broke the camel’s back happened roughly seven years ago when I was bringing her in. We were literally half-way into the slip when I unceremoniously handed the wheel over to Gary and said, “I can’t do it.”  Of course he stepped in and brought her into the slip beautifully.  

Fast-forward to buying our first Krogen—a 44’, Gary said to me, “You will dock this boat as well as, or better, than me.”  Taking Gary’s words to heart, I learned to dock her and never gave back the wheel. We now have a Krogen 52’. Our baby, LivLife, is nearly 60 feet in length.  If you told me 10 years ago that I would be docking a boat this large, I wouldn’t have believed you. But, you know what, the larger the boat, the easier she is to control. She is heavier, sitting still in the water until you give her direction—plus, she has more assistive devices like thrusters and wing stations.

So, why should you learn to dock your boat? Safety. On the topic, you’ll hear from boaters, “What if your husband falls overboard or has a heart attack?” Now, I’m not that dramatic. Things as simple as a bad back, case of the flu or a jolting wake, causing a sprain or broken bone, could take your partner out of the picture as a fully functioning skipper. Doesn’t it make sense to learn all you can about driving, starting, stopping and docking your boat now, before you may be forced to do so under more stressful circumstances?

And to the notion that you could never do this, I say, “It may not be the prettiest docking, but you can do it!”  Repeat after me:

Fenders are my friends
Neutral is my friend
VHF radio is my friend

As with anything else that you’ve ever done, practice makes perfect. Find a time when the conditions are right for learning this new skill; light or no wind and a long linear dock or an empty, wide-berth slip. Put out LOTS of fenders to minimize the chance of doing any damage. Make certain that your lines are ready. Keep the boat at a slow speed, tapping in and out of neutral; slow enough to be safe, but enough speed so that water still flows past the rudder, ensuring you maintain steerage. And remember that when going forward, reverse stops the boat.  I was once told, “When docking, you don’t want to be going any faster than the speed at which you want to hit the dock.” All of this assumes you have a loving husband/partner who supports your efforts to learn to dock your boat; and why wouldn’t he? He loves you and he loves his boat (order to be determined!).

If you find yourself having to dock in an emergent situation, call ahead to the dock at which you will be landing. Use your VHF radio or cell phone to let them know you would like assistance. It can also be useful to communicate to marina staff in non-emergent situations; especially when pulling into a dock for which you are unfamiliar. Ask about peculiarities of the marina:  prevailing winds, currents and depths.

I have been a part of the Krogen family since 2010. In that time, I have met a number of Krogen owners. I must say that Krogen women are a breed apart. In my opinion, we are active participants in the boating journey and expect our boats to perform for us. We have a long list of “must haves” when it comes to our boats. We want a boat that is livable, that we can entertain on, and has ample storage and a modern galley.

But, we also want a boat that is stable in rough seas, offers easy access to engines and operational systems, and comes from a company that stands behind its boats and supports its owners. 

I’m suggesting you add accomplished skipper to your list of ‘must haves’.  A sense of pride and accomplishment is felt after working with your boat to bring her and her crew safely to the docks. 

This article is not intended to be a tutorial on how to dock your boat, but rather an inspirational message to encourage you to start today!

“Go girl, you rock!”

In this Issue:

Topside News
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Rose and I had been looking for our next ocean capable vessel for well over a year and looked at many of the best out there. While we always had the Kadey-Krogen 58’ on our short list, the Extended Bridge version really made the final decision for us quite easy. The newly expanded flybridge is on a par with, or better, than any similarly sized yacht, and the pilot house—our favorite place on our current trawler—was made even more attractive with the inclusion of a day head and captain’s berth. We are elated to be the first owners of the Krogen 58’ EB.” 
-Fred Shaheen

See What You Missed

The following Kadey-Krogens have changed hands since the last issue of NAVAID.

2006 Krogen 58′ – “RECONNOITER”

2009 Krogen 44′ – “SANTA CLARA”


New Listings

Kadey-Krogen Yachts now has one West Coast and three East Coast locations to better serve you. We’re actively seeking brokerage listings, and not just Kadey-Krogens.

Below are our latest new listings:

2013 Krogen 44′ AE – “SEA WOLF

2012 Krogen 48′ AE – “SHARON ANN”

2001 Krogen 48′ North Sea (walk-around) – “EVENTIDE

Let’s connect. We look forward to the opportunity to list and sell your quality yacht. 


Video of the Month  

What’s below the waterline of a Kadey-Krogen yacht? Find out in this month’s video, here


Owner Insights


Jeff and Susie Parker, who live aboard their Krogen 48′ North Sea, IDYLL TIME, are on a journey from Chesapeake, VA to beautiful Bald Head Island, NC.

“We consider this the ideal way to travel and see the world with what little time we have, hence the name “Idyll Time.” We hope your time spent visiting this site will be ideal also!” 

Follow their blog, here.

Brokerage Listings

We invite you to preview all our brokerage listings for quality boats that can be new to you. Contact us with questions! 

Upcoming Events

Seattle Boat Show
Seattle, Washington
January 29 – February 6, 2016

Trawler Fest – Riviera Beach
Riviera Beach, Florida
January 28 – 31, 2016
Krogen 48′ AE & Krogen 52′

Miami Yacht & Brokerage Show
Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida
February 11 – 15, 2016
Krogen 44′ AE, Krogen 52′ & Krogen 58′ EB

Kadey-Krogen Yachts Open House
Stuart, Florida
March 18 – 19, 2016
Krogen 44′ AE, Krogen 52′, Krogen 58′ EB & brokerage boats TBD

Summer of 2017 Kadey-Krogen Yachts 40th Anniversary Rendezvous
June 29 – July 2, 2017
Ask for details!

Ship’s Store

NEW Kadey-Krogen Yachts gear (men’s & ladies’ flip-flops, jackets and belts, a boat tote, dog accessories, a key ring and more) is now available at the Kadey-Krogen Yachts Ship’s Store.

Pictured: Kadey-Krogen Yachts Key Ring, $10 + tax and shipping.

Get a jump on holiday shopping and browse our Ship’s Store now!


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