March 2017

Dear Krogen Enthusiast,

At any given boat show, people visiting our display tell me that I have one of the best jobs in the world. Yes, I do. And my response is always, “If I die tomorrow, I will have died very happy.” This sentiment was reinforced a few weeks ago, when a prospective customer at TrawlerFest-Stuart said to me, “You know, there are a lot of nice boats here, but they are staffed by salespeople. Kadey-Krogen staff are boaters.” It warmed my heart and with permission, I leaned over and gave her a big hug. She got it. She understood why I love what I do.

Fair Winds,
Larry Polster
Vice President

Topside News

Choose Your Own Adventure

Chris Landry, executive editor at Soundings magazine, says, if you are looking for adventure, you will find it at the wheel of a boat. Of course, we agree. In this month’s cover story, Landry profiles three very different vessels, and picks the Krogen 50′ Open as the ideal yacht for the off-shore destination. Catch the full feature and his conversation with our own Larry Polster on page 38 of the March 2017 issue. Read about the Krogen 50′ Open, here. Choose your own adventure! Where will a Kadey-Krogen take you?

Krogen 50′ Open Update

A corner created by two intersecting counters creates a storage problem. In homes, a lazy Susan built behind a folding corner cabinet door, can make use of the hard-to-access space. It doesn’t always work that way on a boat. Thankfully, for Larry and Janet, who are making excellent progress on the galley of their Krogen 50′ Open, dead space is no challenge for our in-house naval architect Dave Glasco. Read all that is going on with the project, and check out Dave’s storage solution that is both functional and just plain cool! Enjoy the latest update in our Headline News.

New Venue for Pacific Northwest TrawlerFest

This year’s spring TrawlerFest has moved from Anacortes to Bremerton, Washington! TrawlerFest-Bremerton is happening May 18 – 20, 2017. Come and see two brand-new Kadey-Krogens at the three-day event. Continue to check our Kadey-Krogen Yachts event page on our website for the latest show information. More details to come!


Today, Michele Hall and her Prince Charming cruise the world aboard their castle…that is, their Krogen 48′ North Sea named SPIRIT JOURNEY. (In fact, their local newspapers have covered their voyages!) But Michele admits in the beginning, it took a bit of convincing.

It was a dark and stormy night. Ooops…that phrase belongs elsewhere… Yet, I’ll never forget my husband’s first suggestion of cruising that almost created a storm of sorts. Prince Charming arrived home from work one day and the first thing out of his mouth was, “Okay, let’s sell our cars, sell our business, sell our home, buy a boat and cruise around the world!” I didn’t faint, but my reaction was a little saltier than, “would you please repeat that?” (We once told this story to an audience and cheers erupted from many of the princes!)

I grew up on the Great Lakes and Mom and Dad almost always had a small boat that we would take out for Sunday rides and water-skiing, or swimming in the nearby rivers. So, that was about all I knew about boats—enjoying a boat as a kid. Many years later, when Prince Charming and I lived near the Great Lakes, he was the proud owner of a Lund fishing boat. Then, when the Prince and I moved to the Seattle area, he bought a 25’ pocket cruiser for some serious Northwest salmon fishin’. But my, my, it was much too small by my standards. I did not like that the only head served double duty as a shower stall space and was a major part of the main cabin; the berth provided the stellar opportunity to have to climb over one another to get to that luxury head in the middle of the night; and the pocket cruiser certainly didn’t have something called “stabilizers”.

Nope, if we were going to venture out into long-term cruizin’, it had to be on a boat with more comforts of home, more elbow room, and yes, the magic of stabilizers—something that I really didn’t know anything about but have come to love dearly!

Once “the idea storm” subsided, the planning for our adventure began in earnest as we narrowed our cruising goal to completing The Great Loop. I was still the reluctant spouse, that is until we attended a Loopers’ Conference in Norfolk. I was blown away by the number of attendees who were planning to do the Loop, had already done the Loop, and some were even in the process of doing the Loop. I took copious notes as I learned not only more about The Great Loop and its challenges, like transiting locks, passing barges, and the perils and beauty of the Trent-Severn Canal, but also the positives and negatives of specific brands of boats. We also really benefited from the ‘crawl’, where Loopers allowed us to come aboard, to give us a good chance to compare various yachts.

Home again, the Seattle Boat Show arrived and the Prince once more took me “boat shopping”. To be honest, much of it was a blur and I was confused by the many different amenities of the different brands, but I do remember Dennis Lawrence showing me the ‘under the bed storage’ in the Kadey-Krogen master stateroom, which I thought could be handy for a part of my fabric stash. The handsome Prince, through his diligent research, was leaning toward the Kadey-Krogens, as he was impressed with their reputation for overall mechanical and functional quality, their full-displacement hull, and reliability.

Having not owned a ‘big boat’ previously, we took a three-day class from Northwest Explorations out of Bellingham, Washington. And that’s when the light bulb came on! Living aboard a 52’ Grand Banks for three full days, I realized which amenities and features I was looking for in a boat that we would spend several months on at a time. Boat shopping continued, and the rest is history: We are the proud owners of SPIRIT JOURNEY, a Krogen 48’ North Sea.

We named her SPIRIT JOURNEY (we love to hear about how boats get their names, don’t you?) to honor our fathers who had both been boaters and loved the water. We knew they would be with us in spirit as we traveled. We also wanted to carry on the legacy of the boat as she was formerly named HENRY’s JOURNEY, honoring the previous owner’s father. Finally, we also hoped that our travels by boat would be a renewal journey of our own spirits and we always wanted God with us, so our travels would be a true spiritual journey.

What do I enjoy most about owning a Kadey-Krogen yacht? Well, yes, we are blessed to be able to travel safely by boat to see vistas, experience places, and view sea life from a perspective that many are not as lucky to see (our side-journey of the Great Loop, doing the DownEast Loop with buddy boaters Kay and Richard aboard TEXAS RANGER,was indeed a highlight of the entire Loop journey); and yes, we’re grateful for the incredible storage capacity that allows us to have our stuff on board (including the fabric stash); and yes, we greatly appreciate the many amenities that help make the boat feel like a wonderfully comfortable castle afloat; BUT both the Prince and I have come to realize that it’s the other Krogen owners who have become such terrific, hospitable friends—the Kadey-Krogen family—that we enjoy most!

  • Need storage ideas? Check out Bonnie’s grocery storage on her and Jon’s BON VOYAGE (the pinnacle of organization, IMO)!
  • Need the perfect way to clean the slats of all those cupboard doors? Just ask Maria or Roberto on GRATITUDE!
  • Need fabric stashing advice, like I did? Speak with Sue to hear about her ‘sewing palace’ aboard their former Kadey-Krogen, SECOND STAR!
  • Need line-tying tips? Pick the brains of Cindy and Randy on MORNING STAR!
  • Need marine biology help? Just ask Suzanne of ALIZANN! (Suzanne and Marty are Michiganders currently cruising the Caribbean.)
  • Need tips about making and deploying anchor markers? Query Neil aboard NAVIGATOR.

I could cite so many more examples of special Krogen friends, and all the help that they’ve been to us along the way. Their kindness, advice, warmth and laughter have truly helped to make our Krogen feel like our castle. And, “like a good neighbor, Krogen folks are there!”

And they all lived happily ever after,

Michele Hall



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Video of the Month

Yachting Magazine met up with us in Miami last month and took some footage of the gorgeous Krogen 44′ AE we had in the Yachts Miami Beach boat show.
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