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March 2015

Dear Krogen Enthusiast,

Each month I ponder the words to write here in our NAVAID introduction that will serve as both a motivational message for those still a ways away from achieving their dream and a “call to action” for those whose time is now. As I read the latest issue of the Krogen Cruisers Newsletter this week, it dawned on me to use another voice, the voice of Jackie Smillie, who is cruising the Caribbean with her husband. She wrote in the newsletter, “We encourage you to come south and explore The Islands! We did it — you can too. Don’t look back and say, I wish I had. Life changes too quickly. Make the most of it.”

‘Nuff said!

Fair winds, 

Larry Polster
Vice President

Topside News

Kadey-Krogen Yachts in the News

The April 2015 issue of Passagemaker magazine includes a delightful story about buddy-boating Kadey-Krogens that recently spent four months cruising Lake Superior together. Find out what they did and where they went.

Read Toasting the Rainbow, here!

Additionally, check out the Kadey-Krogen 55′ Expedition, “Kama Hele Kai”, on the spring cover of Power Cruising magazineand don’t miss Krogen 58′ “Far Reaches” pictured in the closing feature, “Peace and Plenty” about cruising George Town, Bahamas, on page 82. 

Introducing Krogen 58′ EB!

The Krogen 58′ has always been a home away from home, even a primary home, as the case could be. Now, building upon her most popular spaces with an extended fly bridge (the reason for “EB” added to the model name), more seating than ever before, the possibility of a hardtop over a summer kitchen including a propane BBQ grill, refrigerator, wet bar, and more storage, we are thrilled to bring this new offering to you and the industry’s forefront. The first 58′ EB is sold and under construction.

Stay tuned for a formal press release posted on our website in the coming weeks.

Krogens Invade the Caribbean!

While much of the United States faced one of the coldest and most brutal winters this year, a number of Kadey-Krogen owners had the right idea. Escape! Nearly a dozen Krogens from 39′ – 58′ have been spotted throughout the islands and oftentimes together. From the Dominican Republic on down to Bonaire, we’ve enjoyed hearing their stories, even if it feels as though they are simply rubbing it in!  

Currently in Francis Bay, St. John, Krogen 48′ North Sea “Gotta Smile”, Krogen 58′ “Seamantha” and Krogen 48′ “Sylken Sea” are enjoying their time together, and Krogen 39′ Bodacious just left. Several of their blogs are posted on our Owners’ Blog page on our website, along with Tusen Takk II’s, Ann Louise’s and Partners’, who are also cruising the Caribbean.

Catch up with them, here.


This month’s Sheworthy is really a love story! Helen Green’s journey of finding her captain and falling in love with her second Kadey-Krogen certainly has a happy ending. If you are sailing now, her words may inspire you to consider your next boating adventure…living the life, cruising on a Krogen. Read on and find out why the Green’s new Krogen 52′ is not only seaworthy but sheworthy

How each of us comes to the day when your boat of choice is a trawler, has as many stories as there are new trawler owners. For me, my boating experience began more than 45 years ago aboard a 21-foot sailboat on Lake Erie. I was crew and we raced other I-21’s every week during sailing season. Fast forward to 2006, when the captain of that I-21 came back into my life. His Christmas card told me he had just ordered a new Kadey-Krogen 44’. I had no idea what a Kadey-Krogen was, however, one year later he was my new husband, and “Evergreen” arrived two weeks after our wedding. 

You must think that stepping on our new Krogen 44’ must have been the perfect honeymoon. But remember, my boating life went like this—race, race, race, and then settle-in for appetizers and wine afterward. I had no idea how to provision for travel, how to choose dishes and pots, how much to take on board, how to decorate for the marine environment, etc. Very different from stocking wine and snacks to break out after the race! It was pretty overwhelming for me that first year. We had some good laughs about how much food we took back off the boat after our trip from Stuart to Lake Michigan after commissioning was completed. We could have traveled for six more months and never hit a grocery store except for perishables. When we sold “Evergreen”, we laughed again about how much we had on board that we had never looked at again after we tucked those things away five years before.  

Wisdom has come with time. Friends have shared lots of secrets for the cruising lifestyle. As we made our plans for our new Krogen 52’, appropriately named “Skyfall” in honor of her hull number 52007, things were so much easier. I adopted a “timeshare philosophy”. Timeshare units stock the barest essentials and you get along just fine. When you look at a trawler for the first time, you realize you have a lot of storage under beds, steps, seating, and in the walls. On our first trawler, I was always hunting for stuff in harder to get to places because my useful space was overcrowded with things I used infrequently, if at all.

This time, I’m bringing the things we love, and of the quality we want. Plastic is out and china is in. Wine glasses are stored in Paul’s custom made suspended holder, spices rest in really cool pullout spice racks, the handmade tiles from a trip to Italy last year accent the galley backsplash, and the Clyde Butcher photography we love hangs in our office. I am a fused glass/shell artist and made unique glass privacy covers for six of our portholes. And handmade quilts grace both staterooms and pictures of the grandkids peak out from tiny nooks. When my “Sailor’s Valentine” is released from the Sanibel Shell Museum, it will find its way on board. I even have a hobby space with a custom pullout for my sewing machine, and my shell art will certainly happen on “Skyfall” so I can make the next Valentine. 

So, in the beginning, I was a totally green newbie to the cruising life and we did just fine. What I hope you feel, is that trawler life is learned and there really are no mistakes. Just things that you can refine and do better on the next trip out, and that having fun is the best part…and that is easy aboard a Kadey-Krogen!


In this Issue:

Topside News
Video of the Month
Owner Insights
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Upcoming Events


“As I get to understand the boat better, the design and build could not be much better,” said Richard Bost, Krogen 42′ owner.

“Though I was tired on those last 10 days from Horta [solo to Ireland], my Krogen took those last three days of 12 to 21-foot waves far better than I could have ever imagined. Much of those seas were in my beam, but she just laughed it off, while I held on.”

Video of the Month

Five short years ago the Krogen 52′ was born. Larry’s 2010 trip to our exclusive yard in Taiwan yielded this video of the tooling for the Krogen 52′. Walk the decks and see the yard!

Enjoy the video.

Owner Insights

Whether you read Jackie & Brian Smillie’s blog word for word or just surf their pictures, you just Gotta Smile! The Caribbean looks great on them aboard their Krogen 48′ North Sea–also named “Gotta Smile”.  

Follow along their Caribbean adventure through their blog!

Brokerage Listings

We invite you to preview all our brokerage listings for quality boats that can be new to you. Contact us with questions! 

Upcoming Events

Kadey-Krogen Yachts Stuart Open House
Stuart, Florida
March 13 – 14, 2015
Krogen 48′ AE, Krogen 52′ & Krogen 55′ Expedition, and a variety of brokerage vessels 

TrawlerFest Anacortes 2015
Anacortes, Washington
May 12 – 17, 2015
Krogen 44′ AE & Krogen 48′ AE

TrawlerFest Essex 2015
Essex, Connecticut
June 4 – 7, 2015

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