February 2018

Dear Owners & Enthusiasts,

The winter boat show season is in full-swing. Earlier this month, our Seattle team reported the highest customer interest in 10 years at the Seattle Boat Show. This week, we expect to see the same at the Miami International Boat Show. If you have not yet made your appointment, I cannot encourage you enough to do so now! Lines are expected.

Janet and I hope to see you at the show!

Fair Winds,
Larry Polster
Vice President

Topside News

Don’t Miss! Krogen 50′ Open Boat Show Debut

This week, Kadey-Krogen Yachts will debut the much-anticipated Krogen 50’ Open model at the Progressive® Insurance Miami International Boat Show at Miami Marine Stadium & Basin on Virginia Key (February 15 – 19, 2018).

The open-concept model will be unveiled at the Kadey-Krogen Yachts in-water display (Pier 8, slips 822, 824, 826), alongside two legendary Krogen models, the Krogen 58’ EB and Krogen 48’ AE. All three models will be available for guided tours.

Want a preview? Krogen 50′ Open design information and photos are now online.

Skip our display line by scheduling an appointment. Reply directly to this email, noting the Miami International Boat Show, to make plans with your sales representative. See you on the dock!


Up Next in March: TrawlerFest-Stuart & Palm Beach International Boat Show

TrawlerFest-Stuart, happening March 8 – 11, 2018, at the Marriott Hutchinson Island Resort and Marina in Stuart, Florida, is an excellent opportunity for you to board nearly our entire current-production line of luxury, ocean-going trawlers.

On display, we will have the latest Krogen 44′ AE, Krogen 48′ AE, the new Krogen 50′ Open, and the latest Krogen 58′ EB. And, several of our outstanding brokerage listings will be at the dock as well–a walk-around Krogen 44′, Krogen 48′ Whaleback, and two Krogen 52′ models.

It has been several years since Kadey-Krogen Yachts has presented at the Palm Beach International Boat Show, however, now is the time for our return to this great event. Mark your calendar for March 22 – 25, 2018, to see the Krogen 50′ Open in West Palm Beach.



When unexpected tragedies happen, life as we know it changes forever. Thoughtful decisions made based upon those defining moments are also life-changing, and life-honoring, too. We are so happy to call Joan and Bill Nieman a part of our Kadey-Krogen family of owners, and an added bonus, Bill is a fine colleague.   

It was all Bill’s idea, at first.

For years, he had talked about living on a boat, but it had to be the right boat. For years, I made sure not to engage in that particular conversation!

Bill has always been the dreamer. He’s the gas on the accelerator, and I’m the brakes. For him, this live-aboard idea was nothing out of the ordinary, just another one of his dreams. For me, there was no way I would actually move onto a boat, let alone purchase one. I thought things were under control.

Then a lot of things changed. We experienced a number of unexpected deaths and tragedies in a matter of months. I never could have predicted the events leading up to our move. The pain and chaos of loss has a way of putting things into perspective. We realized in a new way, just how short and precious life is.

With some hesitation on my part, we decided together to pull the trigger and begin looking. In the fall of 2016, Bill found the boat, but really, I like to say that the boat found him. A decade of love for Kadey-Krogens led Bill to this moment. Before he even signed the agreement, he knew this  Kadey-Krogen 42′ was the one.

By May 2017, we stored all our belongings, rented out our condo, and moved aboard, and we haven’t looked back.

Summer in Seattle is nothing less than spectacular. Living on a boat feels like a constant vacation. Both Bill and I still work full-time, so coming home from work and sharing dinner on the back of the boat with the sun beating down on the water is the highlight of our day. This is how I first fell in love with our new life on the water.

If I’m honest, I realize now how much I took for granted before. There are absolutely days that I miss a real sewer system, having more ironed clothes in my closet and reaching for any and every tool I’d want in our kitchen. But more often than not, I am overcome by gratitude for the opportunity to call our Kadey-Krogen home. The process created space for us to re-prioritize what matters most. I don’t need as much stuff as I once thought, and I’ve found that there is a surprising freedom and beauty in the simplicity of life on a boat.

Life is full of surprises; living in a marina is a different kind of neighborhood, and the winter of the Northwest feels far more intense on the water. I had no idea what I was getting into when we bought our Kadey-Krogen. I never imagined calling Shilshole Marina home, but it is, and today I can’t imagine anything else.

Respectfully submitted,

Joan Nieman



Under Contract

Bruckmann 50′ BLUE LEADER


Krogen 58′ GRATITUDE

Krogen 42′ PARTNERS


New Listings

2008 Krogen 44′ Walk-around CRACKER JACK $695,000

2005 Krogen 44′ Walk-around WANDER BEAR $689,000

1985 Krogen 42′ BAY PELICAN $209,000

1991 Krogen 36′ Manatee LA ROSA $120,000

1994 Grand Banks 36′ HEAVEN SENT $179,000


All Listings

We invite you to preview all our brokerage listings for a quality boat that can be new to you. Reply to this email with questions.


Upcoming Events

Miami International Boat Show on Virginia Key

February 15 -19, 2018

Krogen 50′ Open, Krogen 48′ AE and Krogen 58′ EB


TrawlerFest – Stuart, FL

March 8 – 11, 2018

New yachts: Krogen 50′ Open, Krogen 48′ AE, Krogen 44′ AE, Krogen 58′ EB

Brokerage: Krogen 44′, Krogen 48′ Whaleback, and two Krogen 52’s


Palm Beach International Boat Show

March 22 – 25, 2018

Krogen 50′ Open


TrawlerFest – Bremerton, WA

May 3 – 5, 2018

Krogen 50′ Open –  West Coast Debut!

Additional brokerage vessels on display to be announced.



Offices in Annapolis, Portsmouth, Seattle, and Stuart