April 2017

Dear Krogen Enthusiast,

Spring is in the air. The signs? Besides the onset of seasonal allergies, the air outside my office also has the unmistakable odor of bottom paint…and our sales team is quickly connecting clients with great brokerage boats, to the tune of three to six listings under contract in any given week. And, Jennifer is busily organizing the myriad of details surrounding our 40th Anniversary Rendezvous in Newport, Rhode Island, where over 200 owners (many coming by land), company staff, and members of the media, will celebrate this milestone. And let’s not forget Asia Harbor Yacht Builders, the dedicated yard where all Kadey-Krogens have been built for 25 years. They have six new yachts under construction including the one that Janet and I will proudly take delivery of this fall!

Ahhh… I love spring.

Fair Winds,
Larry Polster
Vice President

Topside News


PowerSource (Marine Edition), a publication of John Deere Power
Systems, published in their spring 2017 issue the story of the Gebhard family (Sara and Peter and their two girls Charlotte and Frances) who spent 425 days traveling and learning aboard their Krogen 55′ Expedition.

Lifelong sailors, it took two years of preparation, including selling their J44 sailboat for a new Kadey-Krogen, to begin the journey that took them from Alaska to Maine via the Panama Canal.

Read about their ultimate “study abroad” experience!


Pacific Northwest TrawlerFest

TrawlerFest-Bremerton is happening May 18 – 20, 2017. Come and see two brand-new Kadey-Krogens at the three-day event. Continue to check our Kadey-Krogen Yachts event page on our website for the latest show information.


Krogen 50′ Open Update

Stepping aboard a new, semi-custom yacht, the navigational electronics should blend seamlessly with the pilothouse layout, and reflect the wants and needs of the boat owner (in this case, Kadey-Krogen Yachts’ Vice President Larry Polster). “It’s not as daunting to pick the right system and organize the layout as you think,” said Larry. “Not when you have the expertise of a specialized electronics vendor, a naval architect, and professional craftsmen by your side.”

Enjoy Larry’s latest Progress Report in our Headline News.


When her husband was badly injured and went from “captain to cargo”, Barbara Boykin became captain and crew! With little experience at the helm, the journey proved to be a enormous boost in confidence and proof to her that operating a Krogen just takes practice.

Ever wondered what you would do if your partner was suddenly disabled and you had to handle your Kadey-Krogen entirely by yourself? Could you take over the entire process—navigating, driving, maneuvering, docking?

If you’re like me, you never gave this scenario much thought. But it’s exactly what happened one spring when we were bringing our Kadey-Krogen Ariel home to Annapolis: Husband suddenly and severely injured, five hundred miles from home. This is the story of how I was able to single-hand the boat home, and gained a huge amount of confidence in the process.
My husband, Jim Brown, and I were taking our boat up the ICW to Annapolis from Stuart, Florida, where we had spent the winter. As we prepared to leave a marina in South Carolina, Jim was attempting to throw me a dock line when he slipped on the wet dock surface and fell into the water, hitting a large metal cleat on the way in.

He not only dislocated his shoulder, but also ripped several rotator cuff tendons and damaged the nerves in his arm. A visit to the local hospital patched him up and put the injured arm in a sling, but the emergency physician warned us that he would need surgery so we should get him home and to an orthopedist as soon as possible. Even worse, Jim had injured his left arm and he’s left-handed. In one moment, my husband had gone from captain to cargo!

With our pets onboard, leaving the boat and flying home was not an option. We had to get the boat back to Annapolis. After discussing hiring a professional captain or calling a friend to help us, I decided it was finally time for me to put my seldom-used skills to the test. Like all new Krogen owners, I underwent basic boat handling training when we purchased our boat, but I’m admittedly a lazy cruiser. When we are underway, Jim does 90 percent of the work and I sit on the pilothouse berth with our pets and read. I handle the lines and relieve him when he is tired, but not much else. That’s not particularly good preparation for captaining a boat!

Here’s how I did it. We started each day by discussing the route, including any tricky areas we had encountered on past trips. We looked at the wind and current and figured out how best to leave the dock, step-by-step, and line-by-line. While underway, Jim stayed in the pilothouse so I could ask him questions about situations we encountered, and while maneuvering he stood behind me to walk me through the process. An hour or so before arriving at a marina, I would call them on the phone and let them know I was coming in and single-handing the boat. I also requested a T-head tie-up and detailed docking instructions. Most marinas sent extra dock hands out to help with docking, and without exception, every one of the marinas was extremely helpful to me.

After writing down the marina’s docking instructions, I would look for a safe place to put the boat on auto-pilot, then I went outside and set the lines. As we neared the marina, I hailed them on the VHF radio and then docked, with Jim standing behind me to provide extra instruction. After a few days of this I found I didn’t really need him, and that I could make the quick judgments on my own. I discovered handling a Krogen is a lot like driving a car—it just takes practice. Two weeks later, as we arrived at our own dock in Annapolis, I was doing everything by myself, and as I backed Ariel into our slip, I had a huge surge of confidence. And also a huge shot of bourbon!

I share my experience to prove to other women that handling a Krogen is something we all can master. All it takes is actually doing it. And it feels really good!

Respectfully Submitted,

Barbara Boykin

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Vice President Tucker West explains a little bit about Kadey-Krogen Yachts and the level service we offer our clients.

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TrawlerFest – Bremerton
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May 18 – 20, 2017
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Kadey-Krogen Yachts
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June 29 – July 2, 2017

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