Sea Quill

With 14 years and counting on their Krogen Whaleback 48′, Steve and Teresa Hutchins have a lot of valuable cruising insight to offer other cruisers and to those looking into the lifestyle. And, more than anything, they want more people to experience the fun and excitement of having a move-able waterfront property!

IMG_1236SEA QUILL (our Krogen Whaleback 48′) came into our lives in the fall of 2000, shortly after Teresa explained to me, “If I ever lived on a boat, the Krogen Whaleback would be it.” Imagine that! I liked the Kadey-Krogen full displacement hull, the “overbuilt” nature of her construction, her underdeck machinery room with separate engine room, stern lazarette area, and under bow storage, so a deal was struck. We signed up for a brand new Whaleback and after the build process, welcomed her in Solomon, Maryland. We call her our floating condo.

We have been cruising now for 14 years, with the last five as full-time live-aboards. Our number one rule is that our cruising is UNSCHEDULED!! We plan destinations around the weather, for instance; is it winter or summer-kind-of-cruising? And when we go, we stay for as long as we want. Our cruising grounds have evolved to include Southern Bahamas to Florida to Maine. Not having a strict schedule works for us, as we can easily change direction or timing to accommodate an excursion. We tell prospective guests where we “may” be and refine as we go.

Onboard we are also joined by our sea poodle, Winston, who protects us from porpoises breaking onto the boat–a duty he takes very seriously! Truly, Winston loves living on SEA QUILL and enjoys her easy accessibility for him all throughout. And as we progress in age, we truly appreciate the Whaleback layout with all living spaces on one level. Plus, the gunnel to gunnel interior space that affords us the accommodations of what you would expect on much larger boats, also allows us to stay in close anchorages and mooring fields with 45 – 50′ limitations.

dsc_3271Most of our cruising time, other than while underway, is spent “on the hook” or on a mooring. The great big roof on our great big pilot house (360 degree view) now accommodates eight great big solar panels, which make topping-off our inverter batteries unnecessary. We now only go into marinas for convenience and shopping. We are happier with ospreys, alligators, porpoises and secluded country trails–without distractions! If we don’t like where we are, or want an adventure, we start our engine and our house goes with us. No packing bags, deciding what to take, or airport hassles.

SEA QUILL is easily handled by the two of us and she is always enthusiastic about our next adventure. Her highways are oceans and waterways. We never know what awaits around the next anchorage, town or island. And, lastly, the Kadey-Krogen family of owners is very special, offering friendship and support where ever we have been. That kind of support is very important to us and we cherish our Krogen relationships!

Respectfully Submitted,
Teresa & Steve Hutchins