Lauryl Anne

Tricia Evangelista had a long list of expectations for her next boat, and she certainly didn’t expect to find everything she and her husband were looking for in the three-stateroom (a requirement) Krogen 48′ that came on the market. But, she did. Tricia’s story is one with an important message.

Years ago, my husband David and I made a bucket list of things we hoped to do together. Happily, I can tell you, we have been fortunate to do most of them over the years. However, one of the last remaining items on the list is to cruise the Intracoastal Waterway on our boat. In 2009, Greg Kaufman, not yet working for Kadey-Krogen Yachts, sold us what we thought was our “perfect” boat, a Down East flybridge cruiser. We loved the boat, but over the years, David kept saying that she may not be well-suited for living aboard for extended periods of time. When Greg began working at Kadey-Krogen Yachts, we always stopped by their display at boat shows to say hello. Walking through the Krogens, we thought the boats were beautiful but more boat than we would ever need. And, we couldn’t see the stern from the pilothouse! We thought we could never operate a boat that big.

However, each year as we continued to walk through the boats, we started to see that they had all of the things that our boat was missing–comfortable living quarters, room to entertain and have guests aboard, fuel economy, and so quiet while underway. Plus, each year we met Kadey-Krogen owners who could not say enough about how much they loved their boats. Ultimately, we attended Trawler Fest to look at other trawlers but still wound back up at Kadey-Krogen.

Having owned a number of boats over the years, we had a pretty long list of requirements, including three staterooms which are rare on a Kadey-Krogen 48′. We handed our list to Greg and told him to call if a boat became available.

au61w4yrl1-fagindqr2ytg1iqxckvhtcwteuyspyhaLast May, while in the middle of negotiating the sale of our business, we received the call. Our truly perfect boat was coming on the market. But we were nowhere ready for this yet! We still had a business to sell and David had two or three more years of work before retirement. But this was the boat we had been looking for. We made an offer sight unseen. We closed on the boat one week after closing on the sale of our business. And we are so happy we did. “Lauryl Anne” is exactly what we were looking for and she is more comfortable than we could have imagined. A few examples come to mind… We entertain family and friends inside and outside, and our adult kids and their friends have plenty of room to stay with us. Now, reading and talking while underway is something we can do. In inclement weather we are happy and warm in the pilothouse, and during our offshore overnight deliver from Florida to Rhode Island, we felt safe and secure.

When we first walked up to the boat in Florida, for a fleeting moment, I still thought we could never handle this boat by ourselves. Everything is bigger and more complex than we were used to–the systems, the lines, the fenders, everything! While we thought it was too soon to buy this boat, we realize now that we needed this extra time to get comfortable with the boat and her systems before moving aboard. Since buying the boat, we have attended numerous seminars at events such as Trawler Fest and the Krogen Cruisers Rendezvous for advice on systems, boat handling and safety. We now know that we can easily handle the boat.

My advice to anyone who is considering a Kadey-Krogen is not to wait until you are ready to throw off the lines and cruise full-time. If the right boat comes along, make the move. You won’t regret it.

-Tricia Evangelista