Katey T.

Boaters since the late 1960’s, Mike (the sailor) and Betsey (the skiier) met though an orgainzed sailing and snow skiing club and later married. While they thoroughly enjoyed decades of racing, both slopes and sail, today the Gallis enjoy life at a less aggressive speed. A lover of adventure and staying active, Betsey offers her cruising perspective as valuable crew.

In the 80’s and early 90’s we raced and sailed several one design sailboat classes, so I know a thing or two about being crew! Our last race boat was a 19-foot Celebrity class dinghy, with a cold molded mahogany hull. At that time, we also cruised the Chesapeake Bay on friends’ power boats and chartered sailboats, and absolutely fell in love with cruising on the Bay.

Betsey & Mike Galli on Katey TAfter a 10-year hiatus from boating, we reaquainted with the Chesapeake Bay in 2003 with the purchase of a power boat. We traded-up to our first trawler in 2010, which was a 1988 Albin 36′ that we named “Decompression Time”. After two years, we realized we wanted something newer, where the only mistakes we needed to fix were our own! In March of 2013, we ordered “Katey T”, our Kadey-Krogen 44′ AE that we LOVE!

We’re still exploring the Chesapeake. Our favorite cruise so far has been to St. Michaels–an easy, four-hour journey from our homeport of Rock Hall, Maryland. St. Michaels is an interesting town with many fantastic shops and restaurants, and the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. One can spend endless hours exploring this wonderful museum! Whether we travel to St. Michaels or take a weekday trip on the Corsica River, our Kadey-Krogen is so seaworthy and comfortable that the experiences are always enjoyable. Believe it or not, even boat maintenance is entertaining!

I’ve always been crew, but that’s just as important as being the captain. As crew, you have to learn all about your boat and navigating, which makes each and every trip go smoother. The ability to help quickly in the event of an emergency or problem is one of the most important assets of any crew. Don’t be afraid to be the best crew to your captain, and enjoy every minute you get to spend on your Kadey-Krogen (whether new or used, you’ll be glad you did)!

Respectfully submitted,
Betsey Galli