Meet Fred and Rose Shaheen! They are the delightful owners of the first Krogen 58′ EB (Extended Bridge), that made her successful in-water debut at the Yachts Miami Beach show in February. As they juggle careers and cruising (for now), Rose found a few minutes to reflect on her first few months with their beloved BULLDOG.
rose-headshotI am relatively new to boating, and our 58EB “Bulldog” is our third boat in as many years. Fred and I work full-time so the plan was to find the right off-shore capable boat to use in our eventual retirement and spend the last few years in the workforce sailing her on the weekends and vacations. In this way, once our cruising life begins we will feel very comfortable with her.

My main concerns in choosing a boat were safety, reliability, and liveability, in that order. We took a lot of boats for a test drive, starting with the Krogen, which became the benchmark for all three. None of the others (Nordhavn, Outer Reef, Selene, Michelson, Bering, Hatteras, and Fleming) were able to match the 58EB, particularly on the third feature: liveability. When I’m aboard Bulldog, I feel as though I am truly at home. The workmanship is second to none, especially the joinery.

fredandalexborderFred (pictured here with our daughter) had lots of seagoing experience as a Naval officer in a previous life which has made the learning experience much easier for me. Even so, after my first full day on Bulldog, I was able to manage all of the switchology for all the housekeeping functions. Unlike other boats we have had, on Bulldog, all of the breakers are clearly labeled so coming on board and making everything run is a breeze. Fred and I have always shared the philosophy that we both need to know how to drive the vessel and the learning curve for me on running things at the helm has been very manageable.

As to that livability factor, I love to cook and the galley is a dream with more than adequate storage, a full-size fridge, four-burner gas range, multi-function microwave, and convection oven. The finishes in the galley are first-rate: beautiful countertops and backsplash, high-end double sink and faucet.

The fine workmanship, of course, extends to the remainder of the living space. The cabins are a wonder – abundant storage, the same fine finishes, and a well-considered layout.

The 58EB is wonderful in every way inside, but my favorite place to run the boat, to entertain, read a book or just take a nap has to be the enormous fly bridge. We have already entertained a dozen people in this space and could have fit a few more.

Whether out on the water or in port, the Krogen 58EB has every feature we could want and some that I didn’t even consider. I unhesitatingly recommend it to anyone who is looking for an easy-to-handle boat that feels like a home away from home.

Respecfully Submitted,