Bay Wolf

Right near our Annapolis office, lives Krogen 42′ BAY WOLF and her owners, Alex and Lori Zahl. We’re happy to have them in our Kadey-Krogen family, and today they’re happy to share their journey living aboard! Read on.

When I met Alex, he was a “live-aboard”. I was a dedicated dirt dweller who was a bit nervous when a sailboat heeled, and especially so, when no land was in sight! Despite our differences, we took a leap of faith–he asked, and I said yes, and we got married.

Fast forward a bit.

Deciding where to live after we moved back to the United States from our time in Germany was pretty easy. My husband “reasoned” with me that we simply couldn’t kick our 18-month-old granddaughter out of “her” house that we were renting to her parents (our son and daughter-in-law), and that the logical choice, of course, was to buy a boat. A trawler. I knew the day was coming soon that I would “live aboard”.

As we looked, we’d go to boat shows and we always found ourselves drawn to the Kadey-Krogens. Alex didn’t need to convince me about all the great qualities of a Krogen–you can tell quality when you see it, no boat experience required. We didn’t have a huge budget, so the KK42 was our target. We kept our eyes open for years. As luck would have it, our Krogen/home appeared on the market and we bought her while still living in Germany. I was thrilled to know that we would have a great place to live when we returned to the States! I reminded myself that we had sailed the ICW on our 40′ sailboat for five months and returned still married and liking each other. I figured I had some experience living aboard, and thankfully I was right! I love it.

bay-wolfWe moved aboard BAY WOLF on November 2, 2013, just in time for a long, cold, Maryland winter! It was during those first few months, that I discovered how much I love to nest. (Because our creek freezes, we’re usually locked-in at the dock during the coldest months of the year.) Once the ice thaws, we’re able leave the slip in under 15 minutes. Last summer, we anchored-out on Friday nights, less than an hour away. So easy and so relaxing. That’s the plan again this year.

Due to the fact that we are both still working, we haven’t traveled farther south than Solomon’s Island, Maryland, but we manage to gunk hole here and there. When we cruise the Chesapeake Bay, we find a place to take the dog ashore, drop the hook and just chill.

If you’ve thought about living aboard a Kadey-Krogen when you retire, you’re losing years of fun while you wait. Do it now, you won’t regret the decision. Think of it as one big step closer to retirement, it’ll give you time to acclimate to the lifestyle in baby steps. Time to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Respectfully Submitted,
Lori Zahl