For most, it would be hard to top Dyan Warren’s unique expression of her Kadey-Krogen Yachts devotion! With tattoos that read “KKY At Home On Any Sea” on her left forearm and wrist, her boat name on her right wrist, hull numbers on her back, and others, Dyan explains how throughout the course of three Krogens each tattoo has a special meaning.  

Yes, I’m the girl with the Kadey-Krogen tattoos! So what does that tell you about me? I love Kadey-Krogen! Not just my boat, Galactic (KK55006), but the company, staff and owners. The “Krogen family” as we call ourselves.

My boating life began about 20 years ago when I met, and later married, Mike Warren (The Captain Mike!). He had a Crealock 37 sailboat that he taught me to sail, and I supplemented my learning with a Womanship weekend hands-on class and power squadron courses. Since we were both still working at the time, our cruising was primarily on the Chesapeake Bay for a vacation or long weekend. We also had friends who had a Crealock that they kept in Maine, so we would sail with them up there as well. It is so beautiful being on the water in Maine and we always hoped that one day we could take our own boat cruising there.

We thought we were content with a sailboat until other friends bought a Krogen 42′. My first step into the saloon area, I fell in love! It was so roomy and comfortable that I felt like I was in my living room. (My At Home on Any Sea tattoo wrapped along my left wrist reflects this attribute of a Krogen.) I liked the galley-compact with plenty of counter space and storage. There wasn’t much Mike and I didn’t like, so the search began for one of our own, which we found in Texas. Moonlight Run was a bit of a fixer-upper, but that’s often the way it is with any older boat. Now, I had to learn a different kind of boat handling that didn’t involve sails, but electronics! Admittedly, I was a bit intimidated and never did learn to dock it, but I sure honed my steering, line-handling and anchoring skills. Still, cruising was confined to The Bay on a limited basis due to a nasty four-letter word, W-O-R-K!

As retirement age began creeping ever closer, Mike began the discussion of a bigger Krogen. He had done many deliveries and liked the idea of perhaps building our own. We were thinking along the lines of the Krogen 48′, and then Larry Polster sent us preliminary drawings for a Krogen 52′. Sold!

We originally planned to be the third 52′ hull because the build schedule would put us right on the cusp of retirement, however, a series of events had us moved to hull #52002-Suite Judy. For the first eighteen months, I continued working and spending weekends learning the boat, which consisted of even more electronics and systems than I could have ever dreamed of! Finally my retirement day arrived, November 1, 2013, and REAL cruising was in my future! (Hence, the Krogen bracelet/watch that is tattooed on my right wrist represents Krogen time all the time.) We took off the next week for Stuart, Florida. I went from Bay cruising to off-shore runs and ICW plodding in one fell swoop! Autopilot and AIS became my new friends.

Kadey Krogen 55 Galactica in Annapolis MDLittle did I know that brief time trying to learn Suite Judy would come to an abrupt halt because a Krogen 55′ Expedition was on the horizon. The Krogen 55′ Expedition has been Mike’s dream boat from the day he stepped on hull number one for the off-load.

So today, here we are, cruising at last. This is actually the first time we’re not in delivery mode to go from place to place. We stay a few days or weeks, whatever we want. (My Live the Dream Adventure Cruise on a Kadey Krogen tattoo expresses my joy of this lifestyle.) Once again, I’m in learning mode with a new boat and all its systems, buttons and switches! I’ve had lessons in the engine room and feel confident checking the oil, setting up the Purasan waste system, and checking water and fuel levels. Gregg Gandy took me out for four hours to begin to learn how to dock the boat, pull in and out of the slip and get the general feel for the boat. So far, I’ve been spending time at the helm and even brought Galactic into busy New York Harbor! I’m eager to continue learning and living on my Krogen that we will take to Maine and beyond.

mike-and-dyan-warrenMy advice to those of you who are wondering if this is for you, is not to compare yourself to other cruisers, especially those who have been cruising for years. Everyone has to begin somewhere. You will make mistakes, but learn from them. Talk about what went wrong and why, how and what you should have done. Remember too, your spouse or significant other may not be the best person to teach you! Another Krogen owner, certified captain, or training school such as Sea Sense, may be the better route. Book learning is helpful too with some things, but being an active participant in the operation of your Kadey-Krogen is much more fun!

Finally, I do have two more Kadey-Krogen tattoos that are the hull numbers of Suite Judy and Galactic, on MY hull, of course.

Enthusiastically Yours,
Dyan Warren