The Krogen 54′

No port too far. No sea too surly. The classic Krogen 54′ confidently explored the waters less traveled. Even today the lucky few Krogen 54′ owners pursue their dreams wherever they may lead. The distinctive Krogen 54′ remains Kadey-Krogen’s earliest homage to global wanderlust.

The Krogen 54′ has taken on the world with quiet confidence and remarkable comfort. She has braved the cruelest of seas and been a luxurious loll-about in exotic tropical waters. The Krogen 54′ remains that rare can-do yacht that serious yachtsmen seek. No wonder a 54′ so rarely becomes available.

As one of the larger yachts in the classic Kadey-Krogen fleet, the Krogen 54′ in concept and design, is nautically unique. Her seagoing heritage stems from the rugged North Sea fishing vessels that must work on, whatever the weather. Yet her creature comforts rival the finest custom builds.

A Conformist Yacht She Never Will Be
The late James S. Krogen earned his stripes mastering the stringent demands of commercial design. Yet he never let his dedication to performance blind him to the prerequisites of pleasurable cruising. With 30 years of expertise and no end of ingenuity, James S. Krogen successfully merged solid, safe and sturdy design with innovative concepts for living aboard with ease and elegance in the design of the Krogen 54′.

Thus the Krogen 54′ with her clean, honest, yet non-conformist lines voyages to and rests proudly in any port in the world.

The classic Krogen 54′ Trawler Yacht
The classic 54′ provides high comfort on the high seas. She was created to travel in tri-level style with first class accommodations and amenities.

Home Salty Home
The Krogen 54′ was scrupulously planned for long-range enjoyment at sea and at anchor. Even today, she provides exceptional living. She was built to entertain like a socialite, offering both the luxury of privacy and broad-beamed spaciousness stretching stem to stern. The expansive saloon opens wide to the world with view finding picture windows. The U-turn galley is planned with epicurean efficiency to include such live-in help as eye-level refrigerator-freezer, double stainless steel sink, propane range with grill, and an abundance of cabinet and drawer space.

Below decks and amidships in the classic 54′ rests the gracious master stateroom. Handsome headquarters for queen size sleeping plus an adjoining head with full tub plus whirlpool bath. Directly to port: a washer/dryer, linen locker and additional storage.

Further forward are the den and… or stateroom plus a third stateroom and head with shower. Schematically the Krogen 54′ reflects an in-depth attention to design and detail that turns seagoing practicality into an impressive horizon-to-horizon home.

A Magnificent Miser
Even today the bold, powerful Krogen 54′ is as functional as it is handsome with her jaunty steadying sails and sly crow’s nest. The precisely turned wineglass transom and stern of the displacement hull rises out of the water for minimum drag, maximum fuel efficiency. At full throttle she’ll command over 10 knots. At 8 knots she’ll ungrudgingly cruise from Samoa to Tahiti or any 2,500-mile course you chart. At 7 knots she’ll travel non-stop for 3500 miles.

The hull and topsides of the Krogen 54′ were built of AIREX sandwich construction with deep layers of mat and glass roving. This construction remains one of the most enduring and safest afloat. (Closed-cell PVC foam core is absolutely impervious to water. No deterioration. No absorption.) The composite structure serves both as a buoyancy material and shock, sound and temperature insulator. It rides extremely quiet, greatly increases impact strength and eliminates condensation build up inside the hull.

Decks and superstructure were built of a DIVINYCELL sandwich construction. Foredeck and boat deck were molded with a non-skid surface. Aft deck and starboard side decks were built with a teak overlay.

All exterior trim, joiner work, cabinetry, paneling and beam-caps were hand-constructed of fine teak. Countertops were all topped with durable Formica.

Designed by James S. Krogen & Co. Inc.

Conceptual design and styling by Kurt M. Krogen.