The Krogen 48′ North Sea

The Krogen 48′ North Sea was and is a masterpiece that so furthered the legacy of the groundbreaking Krogen 42′ that she very often is the choice of retiring professional mariners, naval architects, experienced transoceanic voyagers and circumnavigators, and even those new to the cruising lifestyle. These owners know that the Krogen 48′ North Sea is a ruggedly capable yet comfortably liveable trawler yacht that has logged countless voyages both to far-flung ports and those close to home. If you encounter the Krogen 48′ North Sea near your docks, strike up a conversation with the owner or crew. Chances are you’ll find an interesting person with seagoing knowledge and experience, and great confidence and pride in this vessel.

Designed by James S. Krogen & Co. Inc.

Conceptual design and styling by Kurt M. Krogen.