The Krogen 38′ Cutter

To see the classic Krogen 38′ cutter on the water today is to know you’re looking at a thoroughbred. She’s sleek. Swift. Unintimidated by low tide or high wind. From the subtle complex curves of the bow to the clean slash of the stern, this sailing craft was designed and built without compromise. She was and is a spirited, savvy sailor, designed for skinny waters, and able to glide gracefully to shallow cays and crannies not navigable by most other seagoing vessels. To the highly respected naval architect, the late James S. Krogen, the 38′ Shoal Draft Cutter was a labor of love. It was to be his home, his weekend getaway, and his ocean voyager.

Meet the Krogen 38′ Classic Shoal Draft Cutter Classic Tradition and Comfort
Even today, all the Krogen Cutters still plying the waters have the noble character and quiet elegance reminiscent of illustrious 19th Century clipper ships. The original hand-finished teak interior added warmth and richness to an easy, liveaboard life that was associated with a seagoing sailing machine.

The shoal draft design made the Krogen 38′ an intrepid gunkholer. Krogen Cutters still navigate shallows inaccessible to many sailing craft.

Broad beam coupled with approximately 30 percent ballast displacement ratios ensured that the Krogen 38′ was stiff and steady in any mix of wind and sea conditions. Tandem boards gave her excellent directional stability and balance. When working up-wind, the sophisticated hydrodynamic design of the centerboard gave an exceptional “lifting” quality. Indeed, on all points of sail, the Krogen 38′ was, and remains, a top performer.

Designed by James S. Krogen & Co. Inc.