The Krogen Manatee 36′

The Manatee was created to be a breed of coastal cruiser that cut through pretense and concentrated on practicality and comfort.

Designed and constructed under the late James S. Krogen’s direction, the Krogen Manatee was created especially for seafarers who preferred an able, friendly craft to a frivolous speedster. The Manatee was and is a boat that can stretch horizons and discover new ports. With 23,000 lb. displacement and a 3’2″ draft, she can explore rivers, bays and sounds. With a range of 1100 miles, she can embark for the Bahamas, circle the Great Lakes, crisscross the Chesapeake or meander Puget Sound and the San Francisco Delta area. Under way or anchor down, the Krogen Manatee is a cruiser that has logged many happy days and many happy miles.

Highlights of the Krogen 36 Manatee.
Even today proud owners of the Manatee enjoy the spacious liveability usually found only in a much larger craft. Thoughtful, innovative design provides convenience with comfort, complete with picture-window views when seated in the saloon.

Manatees offer plenty of natural ventilation to enjoy the sea breezes. Krogen Manatees are generous with storage, closet, cabinet and sleeping space. Interiors spaces feature the warmth of timeless teak, creating a fine home that takes to the sea.

The Manatee hull and cabin sides were all built of fiberglass sandwich construction with closed-cell PVC foam core, heavy hand lay-up using mat and roving. This construction remains one of the most enduring and safest afloat. (Closed-cell PVC foam core does not deteriorate or absorb water.) The composite structure serves both as a buoyancy material and shock, sound and temperature insulator. It rides quiet, increases impact strength and eliminates condensation build-up inside the hull. Decks were built with fiberglass sandwich construction with end-grain balsa core. All joinery work, paneling, and beam-caps were constructed of fine teak. Cabinets were all built of teak. Countertops were all topped with Formica.

Designed by James S. Krogen & Co. Inc.