Today’s generation of Kadey-Krogen trawler yachts results from a 40-year heritage of innovation and more than 600 yachts built.


Krogen 50’ Open

The Krogen 50’ Open is a true departure from any previous Kadey-Krogen model. While she remains loyal to the company’s pure full displacement hull form and traditional exterior aesthetic, the Krogen 50’ Open breaks the mold with an open and continuous saloon/galley/pilothouse main deck.

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Krogen 58' EB (Extended Bridge)

Building upon the success of the Krogen 58’, the new Krogen 58’ EB brings outdoor living to the forefront of the cruising experience. With al fresco dining for eight, the Krogen 58’ EB brings the modern patio/deck experience to a true blue water yacht.

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Krogen 44' AE (Advanced Ergonomics)

This proven transoceanic hull with a demonstrated 25% greater fuel efficiency than other trawlers took a step ahead, offering an extra measure of user-friendly comfort to cruise or live aboard. No detail was overlooked as more than 50 ergonomic and technical changes were incorporated into this impressive new design.

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Krogen 48' AE (Advanced Ergonomics)

Capitalizing on the success of the world renown Krogen 48′ North Sea, the new Krogen 48′ AE relies on customer input to create a new vessel whose underlying theme is ease of use and advanced ergonomics.

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Krogen 52'

Building on the ten-year success of the Krogen 58′, the Krogen 52′ offers many of the same design elements with its raised pilothouse and spacious living areas, yet in keeping with the company’s adherence to architectural integrity, the Krogen 52′ is constructed with entirely new tooling.

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Krogen 55' Expedition

Harkening back to the world-roaming legacy of the Krogen 48 Whaleback, Kadey-Krogen completes delivery of the first Krogen 55 Expedition combining the benefits of 25% more interior room than comparably-sized yachts with true twin-engine expedition capability and world class handsome looks.

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Krogen 44'

Directly ascending from the 42′, the Krogen 44′ has presence and capability plus technical enhancements and improvements that set her apart from all others.

26 built 2004—2011

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Krogen 58'

Simply incomparable in her size range. Confident and comfortable, she is truly at home on any sea.

20 built 2000—2013

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Krogen 39'

Perfect for couples and single handers, today’s Krogen 39′ is well suited for coastal cruising, ocean voyages and countless adventures.

51 built 1997—2014

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Krogen 48' North Sea

Choice of professional mariners, experienced trans-Atlantic cruisers and liveaboards, today’s 48′ is most capable, accommodating, inviting and warm.

49 built 1995—2010

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Krogen Whaleback 48'

Limitless cruising options, incredible storage, and liveaboard capability made the Whaleback a favorite. A direct predecessor of today’s Krogen 48′.

30 built 1992—2005

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Krogen 54'

A truly serious bluewater vessel that proved Krogen’s capability all around the world. Comfort and a distinctive pilothouse profile set her apart.

8 built 1987—1991

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Krogen Manatee 36'

Kadey-Krogen’s coastal cruiser that, like today’s Krogens, offered more accommodations and amenities than other trawlers in her size range.

99 built 1984—1991

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Krogen Cutter 38'

Krogen’s cruising heritage and background were proven by this sailboat design, perfect for bluewater or shallow Caribbean exploration.

85 built 1984—1991

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Krogen 42'

The legendary “salty and seakindly” visionary design with superior cruising characteristics that set the stage for today’s Krogen passagemakers.

206 built 1976—1998

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