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Krogen 42' Arrives in French Polynesia

After 19 days and 8 hours at sea traversing 2,749nm, the Krogen 42' Oogachaka has reached her destination! Ken and Patty Sebby arrived in Nuku Hiva, the largest of the Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia. They departed Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, on March 20th and crossed the Pacific Ocean unaccompanied.

The Sebbys sent a daily message via SailMail to a long email list, keeping friends and family in the loop of their amazing adventure. Some days were rough and exhausting, like the day there were 29' swells or when the fuel filter need to be changed at a rather inconvenient time. Other days were a little less exhilarating, such as the day Ken and Patty's main issue was checking all the breakers on board before they realized the switch on the back of the blender was in the off position! They proved to be prepared for everything a three-week trip at sea handed them.

Ken and Patty spent several months attending seminars and classes, preparing, and provisioning for this extensive adventure. What a feat to have accomplished by a single couple! More details coming soon as we hear more from the Sebbys, but in the meantime for those who like statistics:

Miles: 2,749

Gallons of fuel consumed: 756

Time: 19 days, 8 hours or 464 hours

1.93 gallons per hour*

3.64 nmpg*

5.92 knots*

*includes down time for oil change filters and "McGyver stuff"