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What is Cruising?

Cruising. A word these days that seems to have so many different meanings, like the word "trawler". Yes, I know, it's confusing and the marketing firms for many boat builders like it that way. On the other hand, there are those of us that believe that what is important is that you take action and go boating. Where you go is not as important as the fact that you purchase a boat, use it and enjoy your time aboard.

Those of you that have conducted considerable research on Kadey-Krogen will already know that our owners love their boats, use their boats and keep their boats a long time. Those of you not in the know only need to take a look at to see how relatively few late model Kadey-Krogens are for sale compared to other brands. Certainly others may build more boats, but definitely not at the ratios indicated by the number of their brokerage boats for sale.

Let's get back to the word "cruising". In the current issue of Waypoints (our twice yearly magazine), I noticed that five of the entries have something in common. In some way, they all related to the Krogen 42' or her successor, the Krogen 44'. One article is about owners who started in Alaska, went through the Panama Canal, cruised the Caribbean and are now in Florida. Another is about a seasoned sailor who is a fulltime liveaboard on a Krogen 44'AE currently cruising Malaysia, and there is much much more.

So what am I trying to say here? Cruising, and perhaps more importantly, cruising on a Kadey-Krogen, is what you make it to be whether the destination is Alaska, Central America, the Caribbean, Pacific Northwest or the South Pacific; all locales visited with essentially the same Kadey-Krogen model. You don't need a big boat. You don't need a new boat. You just need a good boat and the passion. We'll provide the boat!

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Larry Polster
Vice President