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Krogen 52' Makes International Debut

September 28, 2011

The new Krogen 52' made her international debut last week at the Boats Afloat Show in Seattle, Washington. Visitors to our exhibit needed only a few words to describe the Krogen 52'. Depending on the generation, those words were "spectacular", "amazing", "totally awesome" or just plain "wow!". There were also those caught speaking to a higher authority, as "oh my God" was heard over and over again.

And why not? What I was about to learn over that week is that while we set out to create another great raised pilothouse Kadey-Krogen trawler to fill in between the Krogen 48' AE and the Krogen 58' trawler, we just may have created the new gold standard for trawlers. Here's why.

The Krogen 52' starts with our Pure Full Displacement hull form with her fine bow and wineglass stern. This combination creates a comfortable ride at sea and minimizes the tiresome slaloming experienced in so many other brands of trawlers in a following sea. It also helps us to create a fuel efficient hull that utilizes 25% less fuel than others in her size range.

The impressive nature of the Krogen 52' continues on the inside as well. I'm almost certain that many of the "oh my God's" were heard upon seeing the galley with its Viking range, Jennair refrigerator, granite countertops and its own exterior dutch door out to the side deck so groceries can be brought directly into the galley. Some of the "wow" comments were made as people easily moved around the boat; up a few stairs to the pilothouse or down a few stairs to the accommodations. One of the "wows" was followed by "these steps are just like at home. I don't feel like I'm on a boat."

On Monday after the show I had the pleasure of hosting John Wooldridge, Editor-in-Chief of PassageMaker Magazine, aboard for a sea trial. We found ourselves awestruck. It was not what we saw, rather, it was what we did not hear - noise. Mind you the Krogen 52' came off the ship exactly 36 hours before the show opened so there was absolutely no decor or personal possessions aboard to absorb sound. John and I each took independent readings and both recorded just 60db at 1800 rpm doing 8.3 knots. For a frame of reference, 65db is the range of normal conversation.

A comfortable and efficient hull, real stairs, gourmet appliances, and whisper quiet. That's the new gold standard. That's the new Krogen 52'.

For more photos of the Krogen 52' upon her arrival click here:

Larry Polster
Vice President