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First Krogen 52' is Released from the Mold

March 15, 2011

The construction of each and every Kadey-Krogen yacht is an intricate and precise process. From the very beginning as each vessel begins to form, master craftsmen tend to the minutest of details as they work towards each and every milestone. Yesterday, we reached the first milestone in the actual construction of hull number one of the new Krogen 52' series - the release of the hull from the mold. As you can see from the photos, their attention to detail in the preparation of the mold paid off with the gleaming white hull that by this summer will be a complete Krogen 52'.

Offered in both single and twin engine configurations, 5201 will be a single engine vessel with hydraulic bow and stern thrusters. As you examine the photos, notice that the lower portion of the aft end of the keel has an indentation on the port side. There is a corresponding indentation on the starboard side of the aft end of the keel but it is up near the hull. This Krogen innovation called "counter fairing" imparts a rotation to the water flowing past it into the propeller but opposite to the prop rotation which results in greater fuel efficiency compared to standard skeg designs.

While on the outside that gleaming white hull gives a true yacht-like appearance, the inside of the Krogen 52' hull is simply robust. Solid fiberglass construction below the waterline, with a series of eight massive longitudinal stringers tied into six bulkheads gives the stiffness required of a vessel designed to cross any ocean. In addition, critical areas of the hull are reinforced special impact-resistant fiberglass mat containing Twaron, the same fiber used to give body armor its "bullet-proof" capability. For those unfamiliar with Twaron, it is an aramid fiber (Kevlar is another aramid) that is five times stronger than steel and up to 60% lighter than ballistic steel. Yes, she is robust, but then again, all Kadey-Krogens are built this way.