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Krogens Celebrate in Friday Harbor, WA

Friday Harbor 2009 Krog-In
By Pat Wade, 48' Whaleback "Another Dance"

Sleepy and secluded Friday Harbor, the gateway to San Juan Island in the Pacific Northwest, is a tiny town with big personality and rich history. Small enough to walk from one end to the other, the coastal fishing village is dotted with picturesque turn of the century wood frame houses and historic storefronts. Stroll through the Historic District, visit informative museums, explore the Port of Friday Harbor waterfront park and see the local populations of orcas and whales from the shore. Everything is within walking distance and everyone arrives via boat, ferry or airplane.

Notable in Friday Harbor is the San Juan Island Historical Museum, the main curatorial and archival institution in the San Juan Islands. Not to be missed, The Whale Museum is a favorite for visitors as the San Juan Islands are amidst the primary congregating and migration points for orca species.

Almost every conceivable outdoor activity exists near Friday Harbor. Kayaking, hiking, scuba diving and cycling are popular activities among visitors.

The biggest event at Friday Harbor in September 2009 was the arrival of the Krogen fleet! The Pacific NW owners arrived to celebrate the gathering of the family at this charming and varied village.

While scheduled at the Port of Friday Harbor September 24-26, many arrived early. These family gatherings are habit forming and we love the friendships that have developed over the years, plus welcoming new owners into the family with an initiation as joyful as participating at the Krog-In.

Greg and Marcia Sorknes of Mercer Island, WA (FREYJA) were fabulous hosts and organizers of this yearis rendezvous. Assisting with event planning were Larry and Kathy Claiborne of Gig Harbor, WA (CONTENDER) and Jerry and Jacquie Mahoney of Anacortes, WA (SCULPIN).

The marina was beautiful and photogenic with a great turnout of 15 Krogens lined up on the dock. Six owners arrived by ferry without their vessels. Two Krogen ewannabei couples participated. Most impressive was the arrival of the new Krogen Expedition 55i with Krogen salesmen Dennis Lawrence and Paul Golubinski aboard. With nothing to hide, they even brought prospective customers with them. Tom Button, Kadey-Krogen Vice President and his wife Karen arrived by ferry. We always appreciate and welcome the support and encouragement of Kadey-Krogen Yachts. Plus, we were to esize upi the newest Krogen.

One amazing statistic from the rendezvous is that half of the participants at the Taku Harbor Alaska Krog-in this summer were in Friday Harbor ready to celebrate again with the family. An ever increasing testimonial to the ability of a Krogen to go anywhere and everywhere n these intrepid owners were just back into Washington from a summer in Alaska and not wanting to miss a party.

As always, there was lots of good food and drink, renewing of friendships, and sharing this seasonis boat stories. A special docent-led tour of The Whale Museum was a favorite. Learning about the local orca pods and being able to hear their calls, both real time and recorded was exciting. Other activities included happy hour on the dock, catered dinner, boat tours, and a Kadey-Krogen Q&A led by Tom Button. Donit despair if you missed this opportunity to share with your Krogen family, we will do it again next year!