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Fall is Rendezvous Time!

What a way to start the Fall n back to back rendezvousi n first Sept 26-28 in Gig Harbor, WA and then October 2-5 at Calvert Marina in Solomons Island, Maryland. One of the highlights of the Northwest Krogen Owners Rendezvous, where more than 30 owners gathered, was a lengthy Q&A session with Tom Button, Kadey-Krogen Yachtsi Vice President of Operations. Tom fielded questions ranging from iwhere do I find a Oe for my 1985 Krogen 42?i to detailed construction questions about the new Krogen 55i Expedition. Having been an owner of a Krogen 42' and now as a partner and responsible for production, Tomis vast knowledge and sense of humor made the session a hit.

The following weekend it was the Krogen Cruisers turn. The Krogen Cruisers is an owner group originally started by a few east coast owners now with members around the world. From the biggest little 36i foot trawler, the Manatee, to the stately Krogen 58, and every model in between, they were all represented this year with 41 boats and more than 50 owners present. Once again the iGadget Houri was a hit. For those not familiar with Gadget Hour, it is an annual session at the rendezvous where owners show off those special tools that make life aboard just a little bit easier. Some were creative, such as the five dollars worth of PVC fittings to make a hose adapter to assist the filling of the water tanks on a Krogen 42 whose fill has a six inch clearance under a step. Others were simple such as a turkey baster employed to help clean that last drop of water from a bilge or sump. Some were down right resourceful like the fly fishing rod stripped of its ferrules and used to pull wires through and around tight spaces. Finally, some were simply hilarious, like the fly swatter gun, possibly providing more entertainment than practical use.

Interested in joining either the Northwest Owners Group or the Krogen Cruisers? They both accept iwannabei members n those without a Kadey-Krogen that want to be (wannabe) an owner. Contact us at and weill put you in touch. Better yet, come see us at the Annapolis or Fort Lauderdale boat shows.


Larry Polster
Vice President
Kadey-Krogen Yachts