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Le reve Completes Atlantic Crossing & Arrives in Holland!

After a total of 26 days at sea and 3885 miles of open ocean, the Krogen 44' Le reve and her crew have arrived in IJmuiden, Holland. The crossing from Atlantic Highlands, NJ to IJmuiden, Holland was done in three legs: Atlantic Highlands, NJ to Horta in the Azores; Horta to Plymouth, England; and Plymouth to IJmuiden, Holland.

So how did this all come about? In July of 2004 Bill and Joanne van Lenthe left their home waters of Lake Huron aboard their Carver 530 Voyager to begin the Great Loop. By the winter of 2005/2006, having made it to the Bahamas, they were truly hooked on the cruising lifestyle and began talking about a boat capable of taking them across the Atlantic to Holland where they were both born. In the summer of 2006 Bill and Joanne traded their Carver 530 Voyager for a Krogen 44' and after some time to get to know her and a few additions to her systems, Bill and his crew made the trip 'across the pond'. He dubbed the trip 'the Big Ride' and in looking at some of the photos to the right, the trip lived up to its name!

Bill said that traffic was light and some days non existent, however this changed once they got closer to the English channel, being that it is the confluence of ocean commerce to and from northern Europe. He reported that North Sea was very busy as well and that one had to keep an even more diligent watch. Sharing tight waters with large ships was routine. In fact, he had a conversation with someone on the bridge of an 1100 foot container ship, the second largest container ship in the world carrying carried 8500 containers when fully loaded. 'It was enormous!!!'

When we asked Bill if the trip was what he expected he responded with 'The total duration of the trip was a little longer than I had expected. I had calculated the time from Atlantic Highlands to Horta to be a few days less than two weeks. As it turned out it was a couple of days more than two weeks. I believe this is due to the weather we experienced. Usually in early June the part of the Atlantic we crossed (south of 40 degrees lat.) is fairly calm with blue sunny skies. We saw only a few such days. Most days it was cloudy foggy, and or rainy, all accompanied with a fair bit of wind. I had expected we would have some seas with substantial waves but certainly not as many days as we experienced.'

Bill then went on to say 'In spite of the mostly unfavorable weather during the crossing I could not have been more happy with the performance of the Kadey-Krogen. Clyde (one of my crew members) described it best when he said, and I quote It is quite interesting to see these large swells towering above the stern of the boat. It seems just as the following seas are about to come into the cockpit, Le reve, with little effort, lifts her big broad butt over the waves. She reminds me of the grace, lightness of foot and elegance of watching a self assured heavy-set girl dance. end of quote. And I have to agree.' Check out some of the photos to the right and see what they are talking about. Notice how straight the wake is, even running off the face of huge waves.

Some statistics about the crossing:
Total days at sea 26
Total Hr at sea 612
Total Miles at sea 3885
Total fuel consumed by engine 1290 gallons
Average gallons/hr 2.1
Average m/g 3.01
Average speed 6.35kts

Bill and Joanne are now enjoying cruising Holland and long range plans are that they will stay in Europe for the next few years. 'Perhaps two or three.' They plan to do the Northern countries (Scandinavia) and eventually end up in the Med., but 'for now we will stay in Holland where there are endless possibilities to cruise.'

Bill and Joanne, on behalf of your extended family at Kadey-Krogen Yachts, Welcome Home!