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Krogen 44 Arrives in Azores!

Congratulations to the crew of the Krogen 44 'Le R've' on their crossing of the Atlantic Ocean to Horta in the Azores. The crew of five, not part of any rally or organized flotilla, left from Sandy Hook, New Jersey and arrived in Horta 16 days later. While many power cruising vessels elect to stop in Bermuda for fuel, making the longest part of the passage across the pond the 1800 miles from Bermuda to the Azores, the fuel efficient Krogen 44 made it possible for Bill van Lenthe and crew to make the straight 2200 mile run without going the out of the way to stop in Bermuda. Those of you that followed the Nordhavn Atlantic Rally in 2005 will recall that at least one of the boats did not have enough fuel under real world conditions to make the 1800 mile leg from Bermuda to the Azores and required a fuel transfer enroute. On the other hand the Krogen 58' 'Sea Fox' which was part of that rally in 2005 proved to be more economical than others in her class. Large or small, Kadey-Krogens continue to outperform the competition.

So how did 'Le R've' perform under real world conditions? What are 'real world conditions' anyway? Well for 'Le R've' it was a Krogen 44' with a crew of 5, provisions for more than 30 days, a get-home engine, extra storage boxes, bicycles, and one very large tender. While underway, 20+ foot seas were common. Simply put, when she departed she was probably 4,000 pounds heavier than had she been rigged for relatively calm Bahamas or Caribbean cruising. Here are the numbers that make up this amazing performance:

Distance: 2146 nm
Fuel consumed: 670 gallons
Engine hours: 392
Gallons/hour: 1.71 gph
Average RPM: 1290
Average speed: 5.5 knots
NM/gallon: 3.2 nmpg

Next stop for the crew of 'Le R've' is Plymouth, England. Check back often to for additional updates as they become available or view blogs of other journeys at