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Ketchup and the Krogen 55' Expedition - Part 2

We've made it to the store and we now have that proverbial bottle of goodness in hand, but still we must wait, as you just can't make it pour quickly. What on earth am I talking about? Those of you that read my News item in December know n it's the new Krogen 55 Expedition.

Now that I have your undivided attention and metaphors and analogies aside, I am pleased to report that we have begun the lamination of hull number one of the new Krogen 55' Expedition. As you can see in the three photos to the right, that massive plug I saw being created when I was at the yard in December is now a massive mold. Actually, the 'hull mold' is two pieces that are bolted together for construction of the hull. If you look closely at the photo you can see some of the bolts along the leading edge of the stem of the mold. When lamination is complete and the bulkheads are in place, the bolts will be removed and the two pieces will be separated by about a foot, permitting the entire hull, included its molded in rubrail, to clear the mold as the hull is lifted out.

In the second photo, you can see that while the mold appears robust, stiff and even industrial looking on the outside, it is actually shiny red and smooth on the inside. Before lamination begins, precisely fit plugs are put in place where the portholes, hause pipes and boarding doors will go, some of which are visible in the bow area of the mold. In addition, if you look closely at the centerline of the bow, you will see a white line which represents the fairing inside the mold and will ensure a smooth and clean release once lamination is complete. Once the plugs are in place, the hull is polished smooth and intense light is used to look for any imperfections. When the yard foreman is satisfied the mold is ready, a mold release wax is applied and we are ready to begin. While it might be quicker (and certainly cheaper) to start laminating the hull in its individual halves and then joining and continue finish laminating the hull and then having to fair (essentially patch) the stem after the fact like most other trawler builders, our method helps to ensure a fair and long lasting finish and is just another example of what goes on behind the scenes to help ensure lasting value of a Kadey-Krogen.

At this stage, things move along quite quickly. One minute you have a shiny mold and not but a few days later lamination is well under way. As shown in the third photo, number one will have a blue hull, and while a departure from our traditional white hull, she will not be without a proven pedigree. Many of you may remember the stunning Krogen 58' 'Blue Heaven' that was in the Miami show two years ago. Having seen photos of her, in addition to our artists renderings, the owners of number one enthusiastically said that blue was the way to go, so blue it is. ButOe ketchup is red! WellOe. 'Have it your wayOe' but that's another commercial and another set of childhood memories!

Larry Polster
Vice President