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Ship's log of Krogen 39 Dream Catcher: From Broughton Island Archipelago near the North end of Vancouver Island


 Krogen 39' Dream Catcher

Five forty five, no reason to toss and turn any longer. I get up and Janet follows. We check out the Straits from our North facing windows, Fog!, yuck. I check out the Washington State Marine weather forecast. It predicts 20-25 knot winds for today, subsiding tomorrow. Undaunted, we continue our last minute packing and grab coffee and breakfast when we can. With a few last minute chores, we lock up and head for town. A quick stop at the Church to drop off photos of new members. A last stop at the Post Office to verify that they will keep our mail for 45 days. A quick stop at the cash machine and off to the marina. Our wonderful friends, the Dewings, arrive to see us off. What would we do without them, planting hidden Flamingoes throughout the boat. It's an inside joke. We push off at 10:00AM as planned. About an hour out, past the New Dungeness Lighthouse, the fog. We push on with visibility varying from 50 yards to 3 miles. We never saw Lopez or San Juan Islands until we were between them, 3 miles North of Cattle Pass. We arrived at Friday Harbor in severe clear and warm sun. We secured a free slip due to our previous 4 visits there. It does pay to save those receipts. Whatever money we saved, we spent on ice cream and oysters for appetizers. Ice Cream in the afternoon, oysters with wine in the evening. We dined on the boat in tune with our new frugal cruising style! So far, we have found that we have forgotten Janet's bathing suit and the remotes for the satellite receiver and DVD player. None of those are a disaster, so we move on. Tomorrow, on to Canada.