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The Voyage of Krogen 58 Billy The Eagle: The Downeast Circle Route
— Charlie and Marcia Corbett

    The traditional July Third (not a misprint) fireworks display in Burlington served as a great sendoff as we again headed north. At the north end of the lake we cleared Canadian customs and proceeded to lock down through the Chambly locks and the Richelieu Canal, and entered the St. Lawrence Seaway at Sorel.
    The St. Lawrence Seaway is one of the most important waterways in North America. Native people have traveled upon it for thousands of years while Europeans have traveled upon it for about five hundred years, beginning with Champlain and Cartier in the early 1500s. The seaway is critical for the movement of raw materials and goods into the central part of the U.S. and Canada.
    We entered the St. Lawrence in July and didn’t need ice breakers–in fact the weather was beautiful and warm. True, it is necessary to pay attention to the changes in current stirred up by the tidal ebb and flow, but generally travel and navigation are easy. One hundred fifty miles later we leave the rapid flow of the St. Lawrence and enter a lock through which we are magically transported into another world. We have entered Marina Port de Quebec. This modern marina is located in the heart of the 400-year-old walled city, and the lock allows us to enjoy docking without having to deal with the area’s 18-foot tide. The city itself has remained very European, clean and full of excitement. We arrived in the middle of their terrific International Summer Music Festival.
    After a week of great food, music and sightseeing it was difficult to untie our lines and exit through the lock to once again enter the mighty St. Lawrence. Continuing seaward from Quebec City we found that the complexion of the St. Lawrence gradually changes. It begins to widen and signs of civilization become much less frequent.