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» John and Judy Kyle     Krogen 58' ( Stella Maris )
John and Judy Kyle's video testimonial aboard their Krogen 58', Stella Maris, at the 2008 Anacortes, WA Trawler Fest. view_>>

» Bill and Staci McLauchlan     Krogen 58' ( Tapestry )
Kadey-Krogen yachts are boats that are built for long-range cruising in comfort and safety but they also are built with liveability in mind. Lots of storage, a logical layout, and the company's ability to customize features of the boat to meet owner's needs makes moving aboard a seamless process and one that many owners enjoy. more_>>

» Ron and Karyn Rothstein     Krogen 58' ( Equinox )
With plans for a circumnavigation in the future, we were looking for a vessel that would provide rugged reliability in its construction and safety offshore in its performance. We also wanted individuality and style in creature comforts that were truly liveable, and the Kadey-Krogen 58' fit the bill to a tee. more_>>

» Bill and Lisa Roberts     Krogen 55' Expedition ( Invictus )
Lisa and I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone at Kadey-Krogen for all the help with Invictus. No matter what the hour or what the request has been, you have always answered. For two "newbies," this has given us the confidence to go offshore and put 8,000 miles down under her keel. We never had any doubt about the boat. more_>>

» Mike and Dyan Warren     Krogen 52' ( Suite Judy )
After seven years in our Krogen 42' and our experience with the Kadey-Krogen company team, there really was no other choice of brand for our next boat. From the first moment we unfolded the deck plans for the new Krogen 52', it seemed like they were drawn just for us. more_>>

» Rosemarie & Tom Eccleston     Krogen 48' AE
We had the good fortune to be directed to Kadey-Krogen when shopping for a boat. During a particularly hectic year, we attended a TrawlerFest on Long Island, stepped aboard a Krogen 44' and fell in love. We bought a brokerage Krogen 39' five months later. more_>>

» Perry & Karen Stickles     Krogen 48' AE ( Morse Code III )
Well it's been a year now since we officially took delivery of Morse Code III in Annapolis and we want to let you know how truly delighted we have been with the boat and with all of the people at Kadey-Krogen. more_>>

» Bruce & Sue Stone     Krogen 48' AE
We ran into a couple at a marina in Fernandina, Florida. They were trawler enthusiasts but owned a different boat. We exchanged notes on our buying experience and they were surprised to hear how well KKY supports its’ owners. They were basically told by their company; “here are the keys, thank you very much and enjoy”. more_>>

» Ken and Sylvianne Roberts     Krogen 48' North Sea ( Sylken Sea )
Ken and Sylvianne Roberts bought their Krogen 48' North Sea prior to retirement and share what they love about the boat, the Kadey-Krogen service, and the Krogen family. more_>>

» Betty Robinson     Krogen 48' North Sea ( LiLi )
Single boat owner describes why the two-stateroom layout of the Krogen 48' North Sea was the best fit for her cruising needs and liveaboard lifestyle. She also talks about the customized commissioning process she enjoyed with the Kadey-Krogen Yachts crew ensuring that the boat was fit to her specific needs. view_>>

» Larry & Jeanne Bateman     Krogen 44' ( Sea Dweller )
The pilothouse was the major feature we were looking for in a boat, a decision we made more than ten years ago. A Krogen was the boat we wanted when we retired, so the timing was right for the new 44. The hull is a very efficient design and doesn't take a lot of fuel to move it through the water at hull speed. more_>>

» Bob and Nancy Anderson     Krogen 39' ( Puffin )
Nancy and I want to say many thanks to Gregg and Laura for all their patient and helpful assistance with all the details in commissioning our new boat. Both of them have been super responsive and helpful right from the beginning of the commissioning process. more_>>

» Janet Webster & David Harding     Krogen 39' ( Softkin II )
We were skeptics, not sure we could slow down. But last winter we spent 110 wonderful days living aboard and anchoring in the Bahamas. That says everything about the 39's livability. Thanks, Krogen. view_>>

» Nick Morgan & Sherri Smith     Krogen 39' ( Sweet Time )
When starting the process to find our next boat, we knew it would be a lengthy process. It turned out to be five years. Firstly, we wanted a boat that was seaworthy - both to be forgiving when we made mistakes and to get us home should the weather turn unexpectedly. more_>>

» Randy Thompson     Krogen 39' ( Soul Tender )
Since my purchase of Soul Tender (Krogen 39'), I have met and/or talked with a number of Krogen employees and I want to take the chance to offer my thanks, appreciation and praise about everyone that I have had the opportunity to meet and talk with as well as the company in general. more_>>