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The Voyage of Krogen 48 North Sea Tusen Takk II: Becoming Cruisers, Step By Step
— By Chuck & Barb Shipley

Preparations for Departure July 1, 2005

The last two weeks before we departed were hell. We previously focused on giving the kids the good furniture, selling the sellable at a series of moving sales, giving the givable to Goodwill, and junking the rest, but we still had an enormous volume of stuff that we thought we wanted to take with us. So we had carried that all down to the dock, where it awaited loading onto the boat. We both labored until 3:30 A.M. June 30-July 1 putting it all aboard, and then collapsed for a few precious hours before getting up to drive into Savannah for the house closing. When we arrived back in the driveway, a buyer was waiting to purchase our car–the last of our disposables. Talk about last minute! We spent hours that afternoon securing the items that had been thrown aboard the night before, and putting the kayaks and bicycles on board. It was 5:30 P.M. by the time we left our dock. No longer “our” dock, really. We were tired. We were relieved. We went all of seven miles before anchoring on the Ogeechee River, not quite to Marker 98, and not quite to the Intracoastal Waterway, but definitely on our way to a whole new life!

    After sleeping like the dead on our first night on the hook, we had a leisurely breakfast and headed north. We met up with friends on their Krogen 39' and anchored near Daufuskie Island, southwest of Hilton Head, SC. They treated us to an on-board leg of lamb dinner followed by a champagne toast to celebrate our new life. Excellent! The next day we all got our kayaks down and went for a long paddle in the nearby creeks. 
    (The above underscores one of the salient features of living aboard a Krogen: the fellowship with other Krogen owners. Already we have made many deep friendships. We’ve met and re-encountered a number of couples, and have cruised with one or more other Krogens. But not just Krogenites. Generally, cruising means meeting interesting people.)