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Ship's log of Krogen 58' Sea Fox: From Ft. Lauderdale to Trinidad


We are anchored in Samana in the Dominican Republic. After hauling anchor in Turks and Caicos, we started for Luperon, D.R. but the weather was predicted to be light so we came non-stop to this location, 19'11.75N, 69'19.58W. We have been riding the anchor here since Mon. Dec. 2 after a 33:30 hour run from Turks.

Samana is a nice place, the people are friendly and helpful, and they take pride in their country. Every morning there are lots of folks picking up and sweeping the sidewalks. We like it here and are bumbling by with our pitiful Spanish.

The weather gods turned on us about 12 hours before our arrival in Samana and with north wind, there are no anchorages on the north shore of the D.R. you would want to enter after dark. So we continued on around Cabo Cabron and Cabo Samana. What a mean piece of water! But, boy what a vessel! Like they say down here "No problem , mon", she really performs in seas from all angles.

Well, I have to go now to change the motor on my salt water wash down pump. She burned up. Sea Fox Performance numbers:

  • 916 Nautical Miles
  • 97:30 Hours passage time
  • 660 gallons diesel burned
  • 0.81 gallons per mile
  • 8.2 knots aver speed
  • 6.76 G.P. hour includes gensets
  • 13 hours 20KW genset
  • 44 hours 44KW genset
There may be some errors in my math as I am tired.

Dennis and Julie on "Sea Fox"