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Ship's log of Krogen 44 Number One: Wintering Along The Shores of Old Mexico

November/December 2005
Alameda to Ensenada

Wow, check out the fuel prices in the Bay Area!
I think I’ll go all the way to Mexico before I buy another drop (and I did)!  Also decided to do the whole trip to Ensenada without using a marina. Departed San Francisco very early on the morning of Nov. 21 in perfect predawn weather. No buddyboats on this portion of the trek–they left for Southern California earlier. We’re rejoining at the Coral Marina in Ensenada for the trip down the Baja. Enjoyed several anchorages on this leg: first at Santa Cruz, right off the Boardwalk, and just west of Seabright Beach where I played as a small child. The next night, after rounding Point Sur in a flat calm, was spent in San Simeon Cove below Hearst Castle. Leaving early, I reached the Coho anchorage behind Point Conception about 3 P.M. Much to my surprise, Coho was virtually free of its normal glut of kelp. The next afternoon and evening I rested at Smuggler’s Cove in the Channel Islands before setting off at midnight for Dana Point (a long day trip!), where I anchored for a few hours of rest. After passing San Diego, I crossed into Mexican waters the next morning, and arrived in Ensenada at the Coral about 1500 on Nov. 26. Took on 583 gallons of fuel. This represented the approximate total consumption, including the genset and side trips, since topping off at John Wayne Marina in Washington last summer on the trip down from Vancouver. My newly installed Floscan suggests that 260 gallons of that total was burned between Alameda and Ensenada.