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The Voyage of Krogen 48 North Sea Jabberwock: Sailing Toward a Kadey-Krogen
— Phillip and Catherine Mousley

15 August 1984  
We are beating down the Solent, our first real sailing trip in our first new boat, and Catherine is saying in a rather positive manner that there is water all over the cabin sole. “Can’t be.” “Well there jolly well is!” We are in the process of sinking. We tear up the carpet, lift the cabin sole, see water is coming in aft, rip off the engine cover and note turbulence in the back of the compartment: loose stuffing box coupling halfway up the engine shaft. Never again did we put to sea in any of our boats before we checked every nut and bolt.

23 November 1987
You know those small midlife crises that men get, normally triggered by their upcoming fortieth or fiftieth birthday? Well I had mine. If you put your head at the end of a boom whilst gybing in a Force 8, you’re lucky to keep your head let alone tell the tale. That is exactly what I did on a squally day in the Lymington Winter Race Series. I went clean overboard by Black Rock off Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, absolutely unconscious. I was hauled out by a photographer and his son after I went right underneath their boat. Catherine, I can’t imagine how, leapt from our sailboat to the recovery boat, and cradled my unconscious form until I came to thirty minutes later in an ambulance. After recovery I went back to racing. Catherine wouldn’t come out to the end of the Lymington River.

17  May 1990  
We are so excited as we sight Miami.  We have logged 6,636 miles since we left home. I call my Mum on a link call. “Catherine and I have sailed all the way to America!”

11 December 2001  
St. Lucia is in sight. We have positively flown across the Atlantic: 3,000 miles in 16-and-a-half days. Watches have been kept short: two-and-a-half hours on, two-and-a-half off with a half-hour change over. We’ve won first in two-handed boats in the Atlantic Cruiser Rally!