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Ship's log of Krogen 39 Dream Catcher: From Broughton Island Archipelago near the North end of Vancouver Island


One of the things that we like about Montague Harbor is the great holding power of the dense mud bottom. However, that can present a problem at 5:00 AM when trying to pull the anchor quietly. After a few power applications against a taut chain, it pulled loose, bringing much of that nice dense mud with it onto the boat. We beat a swift departure to the North. An hour and a half later, we saw our first fellow boater heading South on his sailboat. All this early morning maneuvering was calculated to get us to Dodd Narrows by slack tide at 8:00 AM. Despite some current on the nose, we arrived in time to slow to a crawl and follow a 100 yard long log tow through the narrow rapids! It was 8:30 AM when we arrived in Nanaimo, too early to tie up for the day. We pushed on North towards Comox, abandoning our original plan to cross the Straits of Georgia. The South-West wind was constant at 15-20 knots, giving us a rolling motion as the swells caught up with us from the Starboard Stern quarter. Passing Schooner Cove, we agreed to push on to Comox and not complain about a 2-3 foot swell. After all, it could get a lot worse. Ten and a quarter hours after our before-dawn departure, we arrived at the Comox government wharf and tied up, ready for shore leave and cocktails. Transiting Seymour Narrows tomorrow would entail another really early departure and an adverse current approaching the rapids. We elect to make it a 35 mile day and stay near the rapids tomorrow night, transiting them early Friday. Like all other plans, this one is subject to weather, wind, fog and the general disposition of the crew. After all, we are retired! The first couple days were fairly wildlife free. Today we saw our first Bald Eagles, 3 on a beach coming past Fanny Bay. Many more are to come for sure. Tomorrow, the adventure continues.