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Why Buy A Kadey-Krogen Trawler? Or more specifically, why buy 3 Krogens? In a word, "Safety at Sea", and no one boat can do it all, but the Krogen full displacement trawlers does more things better.

During my working life in Bellingham, Washington, in the early years, I had the opportunity to cruise the Pacific Northwest on vacations and holidays. And later as things progressed with my business, my wife and I chartered 42' to 55' power boats to take our corporate customers, who had become our friends, cruising in our waters.

Meanwhile, our employees continued to run our salmon fishing trips in the San Juans during the summer to promote our sales.

After chartering several boats, we purchased a 48' semi-displacement vessel for our personal use. This led to several more semi-displacement hulls right up until retirement in Oct. of 95'. At that time, we owned a 50' Delta, which we had taken to Glacier Bay, Alaska and cruised on extensively.

One thing all these boats had in common was they were all coastal cruisers, none of which were suitable for unexpected heavy weather offshore with no place to hide, such as we just experienced on the north shore of the Dominican Republic between Turks, Caicos and Samana, D.R. There are no hiding places you can enter safely after dark in a northerly swell, this is 260 miles of ocean.

Nearing retirement, Julie and I decided we wanted to do some long range cruising, so a little more research was in order. We chartered on a 49' Grand Banks with a skipper and mate to learn more about "blue water" boating. We traveled from Bonaire to Aruba during a 10 day period in fair winds with no problems.

We then left the boat in Aruba while the skipper and crew moved it to the San Blas Islands in Panama. In San Blas we reboarded the boat for our trip up the eastern shore to Colon and the Panama Canal.

Upon our arrival, the skipper told us about their terrible crossing in heavy wind and seas to 20'. They actually put out a "pan-pan" alert for their safety, should the worst happen. Upon hearing the pan-pan, our friends on a 54' Kadey-Krogen, who were about 12 hours ahead of the 49' semi-planing style boat, TURNED AROUND into the seas and wind, so as to be able to come to their aid if things got worse.

Well, being from the west coast, this was my first introduction to a Kadey-Krogen. When we regrouped in Colon, Panama (after a very hairy ride from San Blas), I asked my friend's wife on the 54' Krogen how the ride was when they turned around to come to their friends aid? I will never forget her comment, "Oh, it was fine, I was just watching videos in the stateroom and didn't really notice any big change".

Well, that was when I decided I needed a full displacement trawler with a mid-ship master stateroom, much the same as the Kadey-Krogen 54 trawler my friends owned. (They now own a custom built, full-displacement trawler that they live aboard in the Caribbean and the east coast of the U.S.).

I think if you can make safe harbor every night you can purchase about any vessel you like. But when your plans change and you begin longer passages in more open conditions, if you don't want to end your cruising days, I recommend a true full displacement trawler that carries several thousand pounds of ballast and has a maximum speed of 9 knots at wide open throttle.

There have been three times in the last seven years of cruising: 1st. off Manasquan, N.J., 2nd. Cape Sable, Nova Scotia and 3rd. Cabo Frances Viejo, D.R., when you couldn't give me or my wife any vessel other than our full displacement Kadey-Krogen.

Dennis and Julie Fox
Krogen 58' ( Sea Fox )