Anchor Sponsors Celebrate Kadey-Krogen’s 40th Anniversary

To celebrate our 40-year history of building world-renown yachts and to toast to the future, next month we (Kadey-Krogen Yachts) will host a very special 40th Anniversary Rendezvous in Newport, Rhode Island. To pull-off this unforgettable event, we have the help of nine industry sponsors. We especially want to thank our Anchor Co-Sponsors, Falvey Yacht Insurance and Coverage, Inc., for supporting our historic milestone in a big way, and for the level of service they provide for so many Krogen owners. Below is a note from our Anchor Sponsors.

Falvey Yacht Insurance is proud to celebrate Kadey-Krogen’s historic 40th anniversary and to join in honoring the legacy of excellence and innovation that has been carefully crafted over the years.

A world-class vessel is nothing without a world-class community of owners. There is a reason two-thirds of Krogen owners are liveaboard—it is a lifestyle of going the extra mile, of experiencing life to the fullest, of not being afraid to seek out new places and new dreams on waters less traveled.

It was with this spirit and these traits in mind that we partnered with Kadey-Krogen Yachts and Coverage, Inc. in order to develop this exciting new Kadey-Krogen Insurance Program tailored exclusively to the unique needs of these Krogen owners.

Our valued advisor and partner, Captain Mike Warren, has been instrumental in helping us expand our service within this proud community, and has been a vocal advocate for the value this program adds for new and existing Krogen owners.

“We started the Krogen program with the demographic of the typical owner… we are not Bayliner people. Accordingly, far and away the majority of our claims are either a lightning strike or someone running into one of our boats. Our owners are very careful people, and they take good care of their boats, especially if bad weather is on the horizon.

I feel very comfortable calling the claims people at Falvey, knowing they will respond quickly, and not quibble about minor details. They also insist repairs, especially fiberglass repairs, be done with a fine level of expertise. I have had a few claims where Falvey insisted on redoing work after the work was completed because it didn’t meet their standards. Also, even if the claim is not the fault of our owner, they will step up, take care of the claim, then subrogate the claim to the guilty party. This takes a great deal of stress off our owners, as the “other insurance company” can many times be hard to deal with and unresponsive.

I’m often asked, how are they (Falvey) with claims, and it is very comforting for me to be able to say how responsive Falvey has been, and I don’t have this nagging fear that a claim will become a nightmare. We are not always the absolute lowest price, but to me, the most important aspect of providing insurance to Krogen owners is that I know they will be well taken care of if a mishap occurs. After all, so many are great friends of mine.”

– Captain Mike

Nearly 1/4 of the current Krogen family has already adopted this new program as part of their Krogen experience, and we encourage the all owners to learn more about the details of the program and explore the benefits it can offer.

For more information on the Kadey-Krogen Insurance Program, please contact:

Laura Sherrod | | 401.533.5162 to discuss your options today.