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Why is a Krogen a sure value?

Boats Typically Depreciate.
Not Kadey-Krogens.

Trawler yachts designed by Kadey-Krogen enjoy excellent resale prices. Historically, nearly without exception, well-maintained Krogens actually have appreciated in value over time.

Supply and Demand

Kadey-Krogen is a limited production builder by choice. There are only so many Krogens on the market. For thirty years, demand has been high for previously owned Krogens. With more people retiring now than ever, expect this demand to continue into the future. Other trawler builders commonly have a greater percentage of late-model yachts on the used boat market than Kadey-Krogen. This all translates into high demand and greater potential resale value for a Kadey-Krogen design.

Customer-Builder Relationship

Kadey-Krogen Yachts does not use a dealer network, preferring instead to build and maintain relationships directly with customers though their offices in Stuart, Annapolis and Seattle. Working directly with the builder helps assure an original purchase price that best reflects true value, and value going forward for the long term.

Unmatched Engine and Fuel Efficiency

Trawler yachts are intended to go long distances slowly without taxing engine performance. In today's market, the fact that a Krogen is the most fuel-efficient design in its class adds to the value.

Timeless Design

A Kadey-Krogen design has timeless, salty lines that are always in style. The constantly improving construction techniques and best-available machinery and systems provide long lasting service and continued good looks.

Quality Construction

Highly skilled craftspeople build each Kadey-Krogen yacht by hand. Every Kadey-Krogen design is the product of experience and higher quality because every yacht is built in the same dedicated yard. For example, look at the interior joinery of a Krogen compared to “similar” vessels. Are you really comparing apples to apples?