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On countless voyages and on every sea, Krogens prove themselves--one handcrafted yacht at a time.

Krogen yachts: 39', 44', 48', 58'
Kadey-Krogen yacht owners were cruising the world before many trawler builders even existed. Thirty years of yacht building and 550 yachts completed to date have proven the capability of our designs all around the world. Imagine where your new Kadey-Krogen Yacht will take you.
Proven capabilities and features set a Krogen yacht apart from all the rest.


Pure Full DisplacementTM Hull

Kadey-Krogen yacht design begins with James S. Krogen’s exclusive Pure Full DisplacementTM (PFD) hull with masterful displacement-to-length ratios, fine entry, and characteristic end-to-end symmetry including the signature “wineglass” transom-all producing an incomparable ride. Only a pure full displacement hull provides seakindly comfort plus ample room below the waterline for the fuel and supplies needed to cross an ocean. Other builders employ modified forms with flatter aft sections that may yield additional top end speed at the expense of directional stability and economy.

Wineglass Transom

Vee sections aft yield improved end-to-end symmetry for a seakindly motion and excellent hull efficiency, course keeping, broach resistance and response in a seaway. Result? A more comfortable passage.

Fine, Clean Entrance

A fine forward entry has superior wave cutting ability for low resistance at all speeds and more efficient movement through the water compared to blunt, stout looking forms. This means a drier, softer ride.

Bilge Radius

Our deadrise design is not rounded and employs short radius bilges for improved stability and motion dampening. Examine the underbodies of other vessels. How do their lines affect the motion of the boat when seas kick up?

Optimum Displacement-to-Length Ratio

Displacement-to-length ratios (weight or volume distribution over the waterline) for Kadey-Krogen trawlers currently range from 269 to 303. Every Kadey-Krogen yacht carries a great capacity of fuel and stores, and sufficient ballast, but don't require huge, thirsty engines. Exactly what you need in a comfortable passagemaker.

48 Engine Room

44' Engine Room
44' engine room. Engine room layouts are simple and accessible.

58' Foredeck
Kadey-Krogen yachts feature clear, easily navigated foredeck designs


Solidly Engineered

To absolutely ensure hull integrity, critical areas of each and every yacht are reinforced with a special impact-resistant fiberglass mat containing Twaron®, the same fiber used to give body armor "bullet-proof" capability. Kadey-Krogen is the only builder who provides this level of hull reinforcement.

Stem-to-stern fiberglass girder systems are closely spaced for effective distribution of hull loads to bulkheads, and encapsulated mahogany girder inserts allow equipment to be attached for maximum strength and reliability. Cast lead (as opposed to iron) ballast conforms to the keel contour and is concentrated low in the hull so less ballast material is required and weight is reduced.

Accessibility to Systems

The engine room on every Kadey-Krogen has been designed with easy inspection and maintenance in mind—a simple concept, but so often engine rooms have everything hidden behind panels, making things difficult to observe and service, or equipment is laid out in a jumble without concern for serviceability.

Clear, Functional Foredeck

Walk the foredeck of any Krogen and you will immediately notice the ease of movement, gradual slope and the feeling of safety and security behind the high, welded stainless rails. Then walk around the foredeck of another vessel. Do you feel as confident?

Premium Construction

Deckhouse and hull topsides are of cored laminates for reduced weight, lower center of gravity, thermal insulation and strength. Solid fiberglass laminated hull underbodies provide robustness and longevity. Hulls are reinforced with a unique aramid/fiberglass mat containing the same fiber used to give body armor "bullet-proof" capability. No other builder ensures impact resistance like this. US-made premium Cook® gel coat, Knytex® mats, and isophthalic resins reduce maintenance.

Premium Machinery

All of our trawler yachts are equipped with proven John Deere diesel marine engines designed for reliability, ease of maintenance and incredibly long life. All systems are selected to provide a higher level of service that's perfect for extended cruising, including Northern Lights generators, ABT bow thrusters and stabilizers, Cruisair air conditioning, SeaLand® VacuFlush® toilets and Headhunter water pumps.

Wet Exhaust

Kadey-Krogen employs wet exhaust, instead of dry exhaust with keel cooling, because the wet system is safer, cooler, simpler, quieter, cleaner, greener, less odorous, and allows lower air draft. A John Deere—designed wet system provides shaft lubrication and continuous cooling flow, is not susceptible to air entrapment or marine growth, and is sturdier.

Ideal Tank Location

Tanks are located to maximize balance and trim, thereby contributing to a more comfortable ride. That’s the fine design of every Kadey-Krogen yacht.