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Krogen Offers New Expedition Models    (On the Drawing Board)
by News & Notes contributor, January 2015, PassageMaker Magazine

Kadey-Krogen 66
New Boats Notebook, Power & Motoryacht
   (On the Drawing Board)
December 2014, Power & Motoryacht

Krogen 55' Expedition gets two big sisters    (On the Drawing Board)
November 2014, Spotlight, Stuart News Progress Quarterly

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Miami Boat Shows Preview    (Krogen 58' EB)
by Jeanne Craig, February 2016, Southern Boating

Launched - Krogen 58' EB    (Krogen 58' EB)
by Chris Landry, August 2015, Soundings

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Proven Passagemaker    (Krogen 55' Expedition)
by Daniel Harding, Jr., February 2016, New Boat Buyer's Guide 2016

Rite of Passage    (Krogen 55' Expedition)
by Daniel Harding Jr., October 2015, Power & Motoryacht

Kadey Krogen 55' Expedition    (Krogen 55' Expedition)
by Mary South, January 2011, Yachting

Kadey-Krogen 55 Expedition Cruiser    (Krogen 55' Expedition)
by Robert McAfee, December 2009, Sea

Kadey-Krogen's New 55 Trawler Yacht "Ready to Go the Distance"    (Krogen 55' Expedition)
August 2009, Nor'Westing

Bound for Open Waters Krogen 55'    (Krogen 55' Expedition)
by John Wooldridge, June 2009, PassageMaker Magazine

Global Cruiser    (Krogen 55' Expedition)
by Peter Janssen, May 2009, Motorboating

55' Kadey-Krogen Expedition A New Classic PassageMaker is Born    (Krogen 55' Expedition)
April 2009, Blue Water Sailing

Kadey-Krogen 55 Expedition    (Krogen 55' Expedition)
May 2008, Power Cruising

Check it out! Krogen 55 Expedition Trawler Yacht    (Krogen 55' Expedition)
by George L. Petrie, December 2007, Power & Motoryacht

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Two Days Aboard Krogen 52' Suite Judy    (Krogen 52')
by Mary South, November 2013, Yachting

Kadey-Krogen 52': Designed for Long-Range Cruising in Style and Comfort    (Krogen 52')
by Roger McAfee, October 2012, Sea Magazine

Reality Sings    (Krogen 52')
by John Wooldridge, July 2012, PassageMaker Magazine

Ready to Launch    (Krogen 52')
by John Wooldridge, November 2011, PassageMaker Magazine

Craftmanship    (Krogen 52')
by John Wooldridge, May 2011, PassageMaker Magazine

Krogen 52' Trawler Yacht    (Krogen 52')
by John Wooldridge, November 2010, PassageMaker Magazine

Krogen 52': A Livable "Little Sister" from KadeyKrogen Yachts    (Krogen 52')
March 2010, Nor'Westing

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Kadey-Krogen 50' Open  new!    (Krogen 50' Open)
by Editor, April 2016, Soundings Magazine

News & Notes, Krogen 50' Open    (Krogen 50' Open)
by Jonathan Cooper, April 2016, PassageMaker magazine

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Kadey-Krogen 48 AE    (Krogen 48' AE)
by Boat U.S., June 2012, Boat U.S.

Long-Distance Runner    (Krogen 48' AE)
by Captain Bill Pike, December 2011, Power & Motoryacht

Kadey-Krogen 48 Goes Ergonomic    (Krogen 48' AE)
by Peter Janssen, March 2011, Motorboating

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Advanced Notice    (Krogen 44' AE)
by John Wooldridge, Fall, New Boat Buyer's Guide 2014

Sea Trial - Krogen 44' AE    (Krogen 44' AE)
by Mike Werling, February 2015, Sea Magazine

Kadey Krogen 44' AE    (Krogen 44' AE)
by John Wooldridge, April 2014, Yachting

12 Globe-Trotters    (Krogen 44' AE)
by Jeanne Craig, January 2013, Southern Boating

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Moveable Feast    (The Liveability Factor)
by Zuzana Prochazka, May 2014, PassageMaker

Outfitting the Dream - For Both of You    (The Liveability Factor)
by Karyn Rothstein, Summer 2008, Waypoints

The Kadey-Krogen Beach House Design    (The Liveability Factor)
by Captain Greg Sapp, Summer 2007, Waypoints

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The Definitive Guide to Becoming the Retiree Next Door    (Planning and Education)
by, June 2015,

Navigating an Active Retirement: Doug & Jan Martin    (Planning and Education)
by n/a, April 2015, American Funds Investment Magazine

Cruising for a Cruiser?    (Planning and Education)
by Larry Polster, May 2014, Soundings

It's All in the Details    (Planning and Education)
by Dennis Lawrence, Winter 2011, Waypoints

If Not Now, When?    (Planning and Education)
by Bunnie Eccleston, Winter 2011, Waypoints

Women at the Wheel    (Planning and Education)
by Shannon Band, Fall 2010, Waypoints

Becoming Cruisers, Step by Step    (Planning and Education)
by Chuck and Barb Shipley, Summer 2006, Waypoints

Our Story    (Planning and Education)
by Roberto and Maria Rosa, , Waypoints

New Boats Notebook    (On the Drawing Board)
by Kevin Koenig, December 2015, Power & Motoryacht

New Boats Notebook    (On the Drawing Board)
by Kevin Koenig, December 2015, Power & Motoryacht

New Boats Notebook    (On the Drawing Board)
by Kevin Koenig, December 2015, Power & Motoryacht

Krogen Offers New Expedition Models    (On the Drawing Board)
by News & Notes, January 2015, PassageMaker Magazine

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The Right Stuff    (Engineering & Design)
by Steve Zimmerman, February 2016, PassageMaker Magazine

The Principal and the Crossing Guard    (Engineering & Design)
by Daniel Harding, Jr., December 2015, Power & Motoryacht

The Right Stuff    (Engineering & Design)
by Steve Zimmerman, September 2015, PassageMaker Magazine

Going the Distance    (Engineering & Design)
by Jay Coyle, July 2014, Yachting magazine

Heavier Doesn't Always Mean Stronger    (Engineering & Design)
by Dennis Lawrence, July 2014, PassageMaker Magazine

Join the Krogen Clique    (Engineering & Design)
Winter 2013, John Deere PowerSource

What is a Full Displacement Trawler Yacht?    (Engineering & Design)
Fall 2010, Waypoints

Stretch-A-Boat    (Engineering & Design)
by Dave Glasco, Summer 2009, Waypoints

What I Have Learned About Kadey-Krogen This Past Year    (Engineering & Design)
by Dennis Lawrence, Fall 2009, Waypoints

Offshore Before Isabel: Delivery of a Krogen 48' North Sea    (Engineering & Design)
by Captain Bill Harris, Fall 2005, Waypoints

Cruising Adventures              Back to top

Their Own Way    (Cruising Adventures)
by Jake Lamb & Robert Stephens, August 2015, Yachting

Toasting the Rainbow    (Cruising Adventures)
by Cyndi Perkins, April 2015, Passagemaker Magazine

Life After a 209' Expedition Yacht    (Cruising Adventures)
by Natalie Friton, Summer 2009, Waypoints

Our Australasian Seas Adventure    (Cruising Adventures)
by Maurice and Louise-Ann Nunas, Summer 2008, Waypoints

Krogen 44' Le Reve Makes Dream Crossing of Atlantic Ocean    (Cruising Adventures)
Fall 2008, Waypoints

Adventures in Guyana    (Cruising Adventures)
by David Webster and Janet Harding, Summer 2006, Waypoints

Miscellaneous              Back to top

Krogen 44' Widebody "LaReve"  new!    (Miscellaneous)
by Kadey-Krogen Yachts, Spring 2016

Tranquility Base    (Miscellaneous)
by Kadey-krogen Yachts, March 2016

Far Reaches    (Miscellaneous)
by Kadey-Krogen Yachts, March 2016

Krogen 42' Not For Hire    (Miscellaneous)
by Kadey-Krogen Yachts, March 2016

Beneteau Swift Trawler 52'    (Miscellaneous)
by Kadey-Krogen Yachts, February 2016

Krogen 48' Walkaround "Midnight Sun"    (Miscellaneous)
by Kadey-Krogen Yachts, February 2016

Krogen 44 Maria Elena    (Miscellaneous)
by Kadey-Krogen Yachts, January 2016

Krogen 58' DESTINY    (Miscellaneous)
by Kadey-Krogen Yachts, January 2016

Little Harbor 54' Sail    (Miscellaneous)
by Kadey-Krogen Yachts, Winter 2015

Krogen 42' "Not for Hire"    (Miscellaneous)
by Kadey-Krogen Yachts, Winter 2015

Krogen 48' AE "Serenity"    (Miscellaneous)
by Kadey-Krogen Yachts, Winter 2015

Krogen 48' AE Sharon Ann    (Miscellaneous)
by Kadey-Krogen Yachts, Fall 2015, NAVAID

Eventide    (Miscellaneous)
by Kadey-Krogen Yachts, Fall 2015, NAVAID

Sea Wolf    (Miscellaneous)
by Kadey-Krogen Yachts, Fall 2015, NAVAID

Top Ten List    (Miscellaneous)
by Krogen Crew, Fall 2015, Kadey-Krogen Yachts NAVAID

Don't Lose Sight of the (Brokerage) Goal    (Miscellaneous)
by John Gear, Fall 2015, Waypoints

New Boats Notebook    (Miscellaneous)
by Kevin Koenig, December 2015, Power & Motoryacht

Hans Christian Independence 45'    (Miscellaneous)
September 2015

Inking the Dream    (Miscellaneous)
September 2014, Passagemaker

Keep the sails full, even in recession    (Miscellaneous)
by Adam Stone, August 2014, Baltimore Business Journal

Jedediah Island: A British Columbia Gem    (Miscellaneous)
by John Beatty, November 2010, Sea Magazine

The Wandering Walshes    (Miscellaneous)
by Captain Patrick Sciacca, September 2010, Power & Motoryacht

Barkin' Aboard: A Boykin Spaniel's Journey to Sea    (Miscellaneous)
by Natalie Friton, June 2009, I LOve Dogs

Singlehanded Cruising    (Miscellaneous)
by Fred Pflaum, January 2009, PassageMaker Magazine

Trailing Captain John Smith up the Rappahannock    (Miscellaneous)
by John Holum, November 2008, PassageMaker Magazine

The Quest To Find Adventure and Romance on the High Seas    (Miscellaneous)
by Anita Weicht, October 2008, Passagemaker

Life in the Slow Lane    (Miscellaneous)
by W.W. Williams, September 2008, Hemispheres Magazine

First Mate to the Client. How three partners are building their yacht business by revving up service.    (Miscellaneous)
by Ian Mount, September 2008, Fortune Small Business Magazine

Miami Floats Your Boat    (Miscellaneous)
by Terry Tomalin, April 2008, Bay

Creeping Happily along the Waterways    (Miscellaneous)
by Lori Becker, October 2007, Miami Herald

When Quality Inspires Loyalty    (Miscellaneous)
by John Deer Power Systems, March 2007, Marine PowerSource

Legacy of Kadey-Krogen Yachts    (Miscellaneous)
by Bill Parlatore, December 2002, PassageMaker Magazine

Trawler Launches a New Generation for Kadey Krogen    (Miscellaneous)
by Marshall Brodie, December 2002, Miami Herald Newspaper

The Quality Behind Kadey-Krogen    (Miscellaneous)
December 2000, John Deere, Marine PowerSource

True to Form (Edited Version)    (Miscellaneous)
by Kurt Krogen, July 1997, Power & Motoryacht Magazine

True to Form (Unedited Version)    (Miscellaneous)
by Kurt Krogen, July 1997

TransAtlantic Trawler    (Miscellaneous)
by Philip W. Campagna, May 1990, Yachting Magazine

Serenity Price Drop  new!    (Miscellaneous)
by Kadey-Krogen Yachts,

Krogen 58' (Past Production) Back to top

Bermuda: Destination Cruising Off the Beaten Path    (Krogen 58')
by Karyn Rothstein, March 2011, PassageMaker Magazine

Dream Machine    (Krogen 58')
by Jeanne Craig, June 2010, Motorboating

Smells Like Team Spirit    (Krogen 58')
by Mary South, April 2010, Yachting Magazine

Kadey-Krogen 58 Everything Ship Shape    (Krogen 58')
December 2009, Nor'Westing

Up to Speed...What's New On The Waterfront    (Krogen 58')
by John Martino, February 2009, Chesapeake Bay Magazine

Kruisin for a Kause Brightens Moods    (Krogen 58')
by Rita Caton Greenbaum, September 2008, PassageMaker Magazine

Krogen 58'    (Krogen 58')
by Sea Magazine Test Team, February 2008, Sea Magazine

Taking Care of Business    (Krogen 58')
by John Clemans, June 2005, Motorboating

Rugged Roamer    (Krogen 58')
by Dennis Caprio, January 2003, Yachting Magazine

Trawler Launches a New Generation for Kadey Krogen    (Krogen 58')
by Marshall Brodie, December 2002, Miami Herald Newspaper

Just Launched    (Krogen 58')
by Capt. Patrick Sciacca, June 2002, Power & Motoryacht Magazine

Dreams Come True    (Krogen 58')
by Sarah E. Moore, June 2002, Great Lakes Boating Magazine

Krogen 58'    (Krogen 58')
by Ed Lawrence, May 2002, Sea Magazine

Done Just Right    (Krogen 58')
by Bill Parlatore, February 2002, PassageMaker Magazine

Next Generation    (Krogen 58')
by Bill Ando, February 2002, Southern Boating Magazine

A Sea of Change    (Krogen 58')
by Eric Sorensen, November 2001, Yachts Magazine

Krogen 54' (Past Production) Back to top

An Unusual Rite of Northwest Passage.    (Krogen 54')
by David T. Holland, May 2003, PassageMaker Magazine

TransAtlantic by Trawler    (Krogen 54')
by Philip W. Campagna, May 1990, Yachting Magazine

Design Probe    (Krogen 54')
by Ken Hankinson, November 1989, Western Boatman Magazine

Krogen 48' Whaleback (Past Production) Back to top

Krogen 48' Whaleback Trawler    (Krogen 48' Whaleback)
by Phil Friedman, April 1992, Power and Motoryacht Magazine

Krogen 48' North Sea (Past Production) Back to top

Seasoned Traveler    (Krogen 48' North Sea)
by Jeff Moser, March 2016, Yachting Magazine

Soaking up Life from the Water    (Krogen 48' North Sea)
by Ellen Honey, Winter 2015, Marina Life

SNAPSHOT    (Krogen 48' North Sea)
by PassageMaker Editorial Team, January 2015, PassageMaker magazine

Last Frontier    (Krogen 48' North Sea)
by Daniel Harding, Fall 2014, Power Cruising

Stately Home    (Krogen 48' North Sea)
by John Ford, September 2014, Trade A Boat

Venezuela's Macareo River    (Krogen 48' North Sea)
by Chuck Shipley, July 2013, Passagemaker Magazine

Dreaming Of Living Aboard?    (Krogen 48' North Sea)
January 2013, Sea Magazine

A Family Affair    (Krogen 48' North Sea)
by Michael Samway, October 2012, Passagemaker Magazine

At Home on Any Sea    (Krogen 48' North Sea)
by Charlotte Zang, April 2012, The Shore Life

Cruising the Offshort Islands of Venezuela    (Krogen 48' North Sea)
by Charles Shipley, July 2011, Passagemaker

Liveaboard Can't-Live-Withouts    (Krogen 48' North Sea)
by Ron Inberg, Krogen Owner, April 2011, Sea Magazine

Dreamboat: Kadey-Krogen 48' North Sea    (Krogen 48' North Sea)
by Gary Reich, October 2010, PropTalk

Kadey Krogen 48': A West Coast-Friendly Cruiser with Range to Spare    (Krogen 48' North Sea)
by Mike Werling, September 2010, Sea Magazine

A Systems Approach    (Krogen 48' North Sea)
by Peter A. Janssen, September 2010, MotorBoating

Bow to the Horizon    (Krogen 48' North Sea)
by Christopher White, August 2010, Yachting Magazine

482: There's a New Version of the 48' North Sea for a New Decade    (Krogen 48' North Sea)
by Marilyn Mower, March 2010, Southern Boating

Krogen 48' North Sea- A True Passagemaker Ready for Adventure    (Krogen 48' North Sea)
by Heather Steinberger, September 2009, Lakeland Boating

Dreams Come True    (Krogen 48' North Sea)
by Sarah E. Moore, June 2002, Great Lakes Boating Magazine

The Krogen 48' CL    (Krogen 48' North Sea)
by Bill Parlatore, June 1996, PassageMaker Magazine

Krogen 44' (Past Production) Back to top

2009 Krogen 44' Widebody    (Krogen 44')
September 2015

Canadian Ambassadors    (Krogen 44')
by Sally Bee Brown, July 2010, PassageMaker Magazine

44 Feet of Grace... A Kadey-Krogen Story    (Krogen 44')
by Christine Bynum-Degen, April 2009, Sea Magazine

Power Cruising Magazine Covers Krogen 44 Atlantic Crossing    (Krogen 44')
by Power Cruising Magazine, September 2008, Power Cruising

"Chesapeake Bay Magazine and Northeast Boating Magazine Review of the Krogen 44"    (Krogen 44')
by John Martino, June 2008, Northeast Boating Magazine

Kadey-Krogen 44' Classic    (Krogen 44')
by Pierce Hoover, September 2005, Power Cruising

Krogen 44' - You can't go wrong with a 5,000-mile range    (Krogen 44')
by Matt Gurnsey, August 2005, Sea Magazine

The Cruising Life    (Krogen 44')
by Jay Coyle, June 2005, Yachting Magazine

Life is Good on the Krogen 44'    (Krogen 44')
by Bill Parlatore, June 2005, Passagemaker Magazine

The Return of the King    (Krogen 44')
by Jay Coyle, February 2005, Yachting Magazine

Krogen 42' (Past Production) Back to top

Krogen 42'    (Krogen 42')
by Steve Knauth, February 2016, Soundings

A Spot On The Ocean    (Krogen 42')
by Patty and Ken Sebby, October 2014, Sea Magazine

Moveable Feast    (Krogen 42')
by Zuzana Prochazka, May 2014, PassageMaker

Point and Shoot Like a Pro    (Krogen 42')
by John Beatty, October 2010, Sea Magazine

Heeding the Call of the Broughton Islands    (Krogen 42')
by John Beatty, August 2010, Sea Magazine

The Quintessential Trawler    (Krogen 42')
by Susan Canfield, May 2003, Chesapeake Bay Magazine

The Great Adventure of Sally and Cliff Brody    (Krogen 42')
by Orlando Rodriguez, December 1999, The Islander News

Displaced Priorities    (Krogen 42')
by Jay Coyle, December 1995, Yachting Magazine

Is a Fast Trawler Still a Trawler?    (Krogen 42')
by Jim Flannery, May 1993, Soundings Magazine

Trawler Showcase    (Krogen 42')
by The Editors of Southern Boating, September 1991, Southern Boating

Little Ships That Could    (Krogen 42')
by Bob Armstrong, November 1989, Power & Motoryacht Magazine

Long Distance Calling    (Krogen 42')
by Lain MacMillan, April 1989, Canadian Yachting Magazine

Cruising a La Krogen    (Krogen 42')
by Mike Smith, January 1989, Power & Motoryacht Magazine

Krogen 42'    (Krogen 42')
by The Editors of Sea Magazine, July 1987, Sea Magazine

True Grit    (Krogen 42')
by Don Sharp, September 1986, Power & Motoryacht Magazine

The Big Switch    (Krogen 42')
by Edward Stafford, March 1986, Yachting Magazine

Design Portfolio    (Krogen 42')
by The Editors of Power and Motoryacht, February 1986, Power and Motoryacht Magazine

Krogen 42'    (Krogen 42')
by Paul Burkhart, December 1982, Pacific Yachting

Salty and Seakindly    (Krogen 42')
by Jack Smith, December 1982, Yachting Magazine

A Bruiser of a Cruiser    (Krogen 42')
by Abby Chapple, December 1999

Krogen 39' (Past Production) Back to top

Cruising Quandaries    (Krogen 39')
by Jack Brinckerhoff, June 2009, Motorboating

Krogen 39' Joins Regatta del Sol    (Krogen 39')
by Greg Sapp, September 2008, Waypoints, the Newsletter of Kadey-Krogen Yachts

Sweet Voyager    (Krogen 39')
by John Page Williams, August 2008, Northeast Boating Magazine

Dreams Come True    (Krogen 39')
by Sarah E. Moore, June 2002, Great Lakes Boating Magazine

Krogen 39'    (Krogen 39')
by Jeff Holland, June 1999, Chesapeake Bay

Krogen 39' Trawler    (Krogen 39')
by Eric Sorensen, December 1999

Krogen 38' Cutter (Past Production) Back to top

Where is Everybody Anyway?    (Krogen 38' Cutter)
by Claire Zisson, March 1988, Cruising World

The Krogen 38' Shoal Draft Cutter    (Krogen 38' Cutter)
by Richard Friese, May 1982, Sail Magazine

Krogen Cutter: Designer's Shoal Draft 38-Footer    (Krogen 38' Cutter)
by Robert H. Perry, December 1979, Sail Magazine

Krogen 36' Manatee (Past Production) Back to top

The Displacement Type    (Krogen 36' Manatee)
by John Owens, June 1986, Boating Magazine

Powerboat Impressions    (Krogen 36' Manatee)
by Martin Kohlbry, July 1985, Bay & Delta Yachtsman