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These articles feature the non-current production model Krogen 44'.

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Advanced Notice  (Krogen 44' AE)
by John Wooldridge, December 1969, New Boat Buyer's Guide 2014

Sea Trial - Krogen 44' AE  (Krogen 44' AE)
by Mike Werling, February 2015, Sea Magazine

Kadey Krogen 44' AE  (Krogen 44' AE)
by John Wooldridge, April 2014, Yachting

12 Globe-Trotters  (Krogen 44' AE)
by Jeanne Craig, January 2013, Southern Boating

2009 Krogen 44' Widebody  (Krogen 44')
September 2015

Canadian Ambassadors  (Krogen 44')
by Sally Bee Brown, July 2010, PassageMaker Magazine

44 Feet of Grace... A Kadey-Krogen Story  (Krogen 44')
by Christine Bynum-Degen, April 2009, Sea Magazine

Power Cruising Magazine Covers Krogen 44 Atlantic Crossing  (Krogen 44')
by Power Cruising Magazine, September 2008, Power Cruising

"Chesapeake Bay Magazine and Northeast Boating Magazine Review of the Krogen 44"  (Krogen 44')
by John Martino, June 2008, Northeast Boating Magazine

Kadey-Krogen 44' Classic  (Krogen 44')
by Pierce Hoover, September 2005, Power Cruising

Krogen 44' - You can't go wrong with a 5,000-mile range  (Krogen 44')
by Matt Gurnsey, August 2005, Sea Magazine

The Cruising Life  (Krogen 44')
by Jay Coyle, June 2005, Yachting Magazine

Life is Good on the Krogen 44'  (Krogen 44')
by Bill Parlatore, June 2005, Passagemaker Magazine

The Return of the King  (Krogen 44')
by Jay Coyle, February 2005, Yachting Magazine